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most stupid lyrics

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Mad_T says:

don't get me wrong - stupid lyrics doesnt mean the song is shite.
as I am a walkman, ooops nowadays it is an *pod, junkie, I sometimes sit in the underground starting a strange look (between spasmic laughing and trying to keep cool) when I hear lyrics like:

the b-52's - planet claire:

She came from Planet Claire
I knew she came from there
She drove a Plymouth Satellite
Faster than the speed of light
Planet Claire has pink air
All the trees are red
No one ever dies there
No one has a head
Some say she's from Mars
Or one of the seven stars
That shine after 3:30 in the morning
She came from Planet Claire
She came from Planet Claire
She came from Planet Claire

so tell us your favourite stupid lyrics...
(there are lots....)
3:21PM, 6 July 2007 PDT (permalink)

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Debbie C.B.'s is a group administrator Debbie C.B.'s says:

total crap
ages ago (permalink)

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onescalerguy says:

America.....Muskrat Love?WTF
Michael Jackson.....Ben?wtf
Totally agree with DebCB about all Kiss songs
Many,many more.
ages ago (permalink)

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Lt. Cobretti says:

anything from today's pop music, rap music, and so-called rock/emo bands, all their lyrics are nothing but trash and should be put away forever!!
ages ago (permalink)

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