mighty attraction [deleted] 8:06pm, 1 June 2007
... that sgt. pepper taught the band to play.

because on june, 1 1967, the beatles released their groundbreaking album "sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band". what does this album mean to you? any special reminiscences, memories, thoughts, anyone?

while it's far from being my favorite beatles album (too "artificial" or perhaps "overproduced" for my likings), it's special to me in a more personal sense: at age 13, this was the first "pop" album my parents gave me as a birthday present.

some of the songs on the album i still like: "it's getting better", "fixing a hole" and, most of all, "sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band (reprise)", but other songs i will never quite understand: "within you without you"? count me out. "she's leaving home"? yuck. "octopus's garden"? oh well ...

but "a day in the life" still touches me, and the orchestral crescendo right before the bridge and at the end are still very impressive to me (yet hard to bear) ....

what do you think about the album?

p.s.: my favorite beatles albums are and will continue to be
"revolver" from 1966 and "abbey road" from 1969.
meganmagdalena.com PRO 11 years ago
i have 4 favorite beatles albums...sgt pepper's is one of them.
i loved the album...when my father first took me to disney land (i was 8) and we drove down. the only thing we played was sgt pepper's.
so this album definitely has a lot of meaning to me.

my beatles albums are as fallows:
1. the white album
2. magical mystery tour
3. sgt. peppers
4/ abbey road
mighty attraction [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mighty attraction (member) 11 years ago
yeah, the "white album" a.k.a. "the beatles" from 1968 is unbelievably great, i agree! (in fact, i'm playin' "revolution nº 1" on my stereo right now over and over. one of my favorite beatles tunes ever).

just curious: what's special about the album "magical mystery tour" for you?

meganmagdalena.com PRO 11 years ago
well, my favorite beatles song is "penny lane".
so that's one reason why magical mystery tour is special to me. that was the first beatles song i ever heard (penny), my uncle played it for me when i 4.
and he then gave me the record when i was 12. and i played it everyday for a good year.
that's why it's special.
and, of course, "i am the walrus" is an epic song. one of my favorites. and "all you need is love" = brilliant.
amg2000 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by amg2000 (member) 11 years ago
Actually it was 60 years ago today (since it was "20 years ago today" when the album came out in 1967!)

Even though I love Revolver and Rubber Soul the best, when this came out we bought it for my father's birthday. Although it was for him, I think I listened to it more. The whole Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds = LSD thing made me want to try it...hey, if the Beatles did it, its gotta be good!

I also still listen to on a regular basis the first 3 Beatles albums...
Please Please Me
With the Beatles
Meet the Beatles
[edit-Meet the Beatles was almost the same as With the Beatles...with a couple of important additions...I Want to Hold Your Hand for one]

These all still sound fresh to me...classic pop songs.

[editied] Okay...I just looked at the Beatles discography on Allmusic.com. I like them all, from the start to the finish!
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
but I do love them all
Sg Pepper was GREAT as the White Album
I wasnt so enthralled with ABBEY ROAD AND LET IT BE
and maybe thats a reasone why they broke up
not becasuse of me lol
there was something seperating there
great great songs as always but
I like the ones before best
LOVE !!!!

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