Debbie C.B.'s PRO 1:28pm, 30 May 2007
getting tickets to a hard to get sold out concert
waiting on line all night for tickets
sending in a few hundred postcard for lottery concert tickets..the stones had to do that I knew a guy who sent in 300
and he got tickets
meeting a band
hanging with a band
getting in trouble at a show or something to do with sneaking out your parents school
travleing far from home for a concert U HAD TO GO TO
Festival misadventures
ending up passing out
thrown out
getting laid
getting your head kicked in
sneaking in
getting on the guest list
stuff like that
PaulvanDijk 11 years ago
i've slept countless times on the streets after concerts, just behind the big paradiso venue, on benches in the red light district, in ships in the canals, amsterdam is a nice place to sleep in extreme drunkness. ive slept behind garbagecans on the station, with a couple old papers as cover (it was the coldest night of the year, minus a lot of degrees, the vodka kept me from feeling as frozen as i was)

no cool/special adventures for me, but having a taste of the life on the streets (with drugs-sellers, police and especially little groups of drunk people being not too kind) for me is part of the rocknroll experience of/after a good concert.
mighty attraction [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mighty attraction (member) 11 years ago
my ex-wife and i once met jerry A after a poison idea gig in the early
90es. before long, the topic of our little conversation was S&M ("crack
the whip and punish me", remember?). it was half-serious half-fun,
very relaxed, all of us were anything but sober, and jerry turned out
to be a really friendly and, despite of the circumstances, very eloquent guy.

the gig was also great (the line-up with jerry, pig champion, myrtle
tickner, the slayer hippie and mondo), aurally and visually.

"buy larger beds – poison idea are gonna visit." (backstage graffitto)

they're still one of my favorite rock bands.

Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
Ive a ton of stupid and great stories
this one is really sick funny
forgive any typos
here goes

I met the CRAZY girl at an after hours club in the east village we bashed into each other and both fell down and no one did anything
she said "well that proves chivialry is dead"! that was funny I liked that.we helped each other up she was totally really way more wacked than me her makeup running looking like ALICE COOPER
she looked like a beserk COURTNEY LOVE /goldie HAWN punked out groupie
she was from BOSTON via LA and had a BOSTON accent and was nuts like COURTNEY LOVE acted alot like her and looked crazy like her
we became best friends
she lived at the CHELSEA Hotel
she had alot of money
we started hanging out she LOVED the idea that I got in everywhere free and knew alot of the bigger bands and that I was freinds with alot of people in the I guess top tier of the NY rock scene
our first whole nite out I was going to take her all over all the clubs ect introduce her to people but first she insisted on going to the LONESTAR CAFE to see ROBERT GORDON who was doing rockabilly shit
I didnt want to and frankly I knew no one and wasnt going to pay so she offered to pay I insisted I NEVER PAY! I was a real smart ass
So we meet at her hotel and she loves KALUHA and pills and we do some she was already fucked up she was all dressed up in her leapard spandex and and stilletto heels and I smelled trouble
if shes started out this high and I did first actually meet her on the floor I wondered if I was going to be dragging her around all night
SO we get to the Lonestar I am buzzed were upstairs in the bathroom and soon theres some arguing going on and she tells me that BITCH said this _ _ _ _ _I dont remeber I do remeber I wore a load of keys on a snap off leather thing on my jeans belt loop for protection in case someone came up behind me Id rip it off smash them and run I only used 3 of the ten or more keys and other keys I found on this thing I wore think I am SO TUFF!
So I stupidly ripped it off and turned to this chick
and said YOU SAID WHAT to MY FRIEND! and wacked her...and I was never a violent person but being
Maryanne made me nuts and I was fulla pills and kuluha
what I didnt know is this girl worked there she was a waitress!
first OH NO of this short night in here
then were going down this long high staircase the stage is on the first floor and you can walk from the bottom of the stairs right onto the stage...,
Im walking first and nutso Maryanne is behind me
suddenly she falls on me her
heel got stuck in the carpet or they were so high and so was she she fell off those fucken shoes
and she lands on me and we go FLYING down the stairs
and BOOM we land right on the stage the same second the bands announced I remeber hearing on the way down
ROBERT GORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and BOOM we landed
you could here the crowd inhale in awe
and I bounced up and screamed and prorably slurred a bit
i can still see her face upside down blinking like what happened?
the band was standing in shock
then eveyone went nuts and then 2 surfer duded helped us off the stage
and then some how I lost Mary anne till I heard a ruckus by the bar
I know its gotta be...
I squirm my way to the bar through the crowd and there she is she jumped up on the bar holding the bartender by his shirt
Im finally next to her and I said whats going on and she whines he wont give me my god dam KAHLUHA!
and I said why wont you?
and the Bartender barked at me
and I calmly said "well of course she is..its a bar isnt it?
to which Maryanne said YEAH its a BAR now GIMME MY GOD DAM KAHLUHA
(all in a boston asccent)
just imagine COURTNEY LOVE doing all this
then suddenly i get tapped on the shoulder
I turn its this big tall guy with a cowboy hat
the owner or manager?
and he tells me witha very red angry face
and YOUR 86-ed!
and Maryanne and i said together in unison
YES OUT OUT OUT OUT pushing us almost dragging her
and me I tried to reason hey can we get our money back weve like only been here a half hour not even
and he barked
BOOM thrown outthe door
there was a club across the street I knew the owner RITCHIE
it was kinda disco coke scene but I had a few friends into that whole shit and sometimes I d drop in and observe and feel smuggly hip
watching the disco shit going on and drinking for free
So I thought well maybe well go here for a bit
Ritchie had seen us get thrown out and he ran toward me
and said OHHHH NNNOOOOO not her noo not tonight PLEASE
and I said yea okay if you see MAggie and Jorge say hi
(my disco friends lol!)
then I figured I d take her over to CBGBS where u have to kill somone to get tossed out or first on the way
MAX's were its so crowded she cant fall down
the crowd will prop her up
I had to half drag her there
I am short 5'2
she was in her heels over 6 feet and lanky dead stoned out weight
she held on to me and fell down on her knees many times as we walked and took me down with her
my knees were hell I needed football palyer knee pads that night
one van a few times that night full of guys kept passing us by beeping the horn and yelling PARTY!!!!! PARTY ON!!!!
and shes give them the finger and yells go fuck your self
then Im blank about the rest of the night till around 10 in the morning next day we finally are going home maybe we were at the nursery or mudd club?
Ive no idea and neither did she
and we took a cab to my apt on east 10th
I got out of the cab thinkingshes got the bill
but no shes broke
and so was I
so now were fighting with the cab driver
Im putting all the blame on her saying look shes the one with the money look at her..(well she was dressed up I was in jeans and a tee shirt and mary janes from china town cheap!)
now we both have her arms and pulling hes holding her Im yanking her out of the cab shes screaming bloody hell everyones cursing
gimme my money
pay the fare
give me her let go
OOW your killing me my arms
fuck you
no fuck you
GIMME MY MONEY you crazy bitches!
finally I see a trash can and I run and start throwing everything in it on the cab window bottles cans garbage andI am ready to pick up the can and throw that I was nutso enought to start to try to lift it and he I guess thought I would be able to and screamed you bitches are CRAZY go fuck you and we screamed o u wish blah blah
And he let her go I grabbed her on to the street back on the floor again
her tears rubber screaming fucking bitches! driving away
then we argue over why didnt you tell me you had no moeny for a cab
hey your idea you hailed the cab
and so on
now wnough were going to go drop dead upstairs
then I couldnt find my keys
Im in the downstairs vestubule freaking out a neighbor walks in holding my dangerous wepon of keys i dropped them didnt know or was able to see them
so we go up to my home
her finger pinky was broken and remained that way always bent..
I was missing a shoe
and in my kitchen I told her
concerning her shoes
like some expert on NYC night life
when u go out in NY you have to dress for battle
wear sneakers and stuff
all u need is too make your hair and make up look good its so dark and too crowded for anyone to look down
were my words of idiotic wisdom
the next evening she called me
and told me she was walking toward the chelsea and who does she come face to face with
he said to her remebering her shouted actually loudly
Hey I want to thank you and your friend for opening up for us the other night at the lone star!"
she grumbled fuck you she told me
and said
then she told me it was one of the best night of her life and that hanging out with me is gonna be GREAT!

and that was one of the first of many insane adventures I had with this girl Maryanne

she eventually went to ALCHOLICS Any
years later
Lt. Cobretti 11 years ago
watching the rock and roll film, Roadie!!
it is alot better when you watch it late at night!!
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