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Monteray POP
ISLE OF WRIGHT I spelled it wrong didnt I?

tell us about it
how when who were what
did u gate crash
photos?''whatt happend
did it change your life or were u a festival vetran

these were milstones in society not just in music
if you werent out of all which one would you of wanted to be at and why not just to say u were but because who was playing maybe you say a film about it a docu

and dont forget the WORLDS FIRST
though it was called NY ROCK
2,000 people shoved into a gym with LEGGS McNEIL running amuck and drunk
Starring BLONDIE'
in 1976-5?
check out Blondies book making tracks she talks about it
so does her then bass player GARY VALENTINE in his book
it was a landmark
in a LOWER EAST SIDE comunity center in there gym called QUANDO

anyway back to the ?
were u there
historic rock festivals
and were you hysterical?
amg2000 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by amg2000 (member) 11 years ago
I totally missed that show at the Quando gym...that had to be so cool.

I did find this that you might find cool! According to the flyer, the show happened October 23, 1976.
Tickets were on sale at Freebeing Records (remember them next to Gem Spa--of course you do!!?) and at Harnik's Happy House on Avenue J...which is still there!

I've never been a big festival fan, I made the Little Steve's Garage rock thing at Randall's Island a couple of years ago...the Dictators were my favorites of the show.

As far as Woodstock goes, I was probably 12 years old, listened to WNEW incessantly, and bugged the hell out of my dad to take me up there. Then they said the festival was free, I cried and begged and did whatever I could do to get him to go, but unfortunately he said no. I was eventually able to forgive him.

The amazing this is that the show at Quando gym was only 6 years after Woodstock! At the time (1976), 1969 seemed like ancient history!
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
yes that was the first punk festival..the first biggesst "punk concert in the world 2,000+ people attended
first number 1
in the world

whwere did u find it
amg2000 11 years ago
It was on the gig list...
larry&flo PRO 11 years ago
Flo survived Altamont. I don't think she took any pictures nor was she clubbed with a pool cue or flown out in a helicopter.
1hr photo PRO 11 years ago
Great idea for a topic! I've been to a few - Glastonbury, Knebworth etc, but none more memorable than The Stones in Hyde Park in '69, two days after the death of Brian Jones. No photos, but I am seen, for a split second, (along with a few thousand others) in the subsequent movie "Stones in the Park".

"Live at Leeds" - assuming you mean the event that spawned the Who album of the same name - wasn't a festival, it was a regular gig at Leeds University on Feb 14th 1970, organised specifically to facilitate the recording.

As far as the First Punk Festival goes, the 100 Club (London) Punk Festival of Sept 20th/ 21st 1976, although smaller, beats the NY event by several weeks!
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
thanks for the Quando stuff
It was my show!
I gave the flyer to the blondie website the webmasters my bud
Chris Stein told me he still has the BIG poster and prorably the tee shirt as he is a total RAT PACK

the reason why I did it came up with the idea was because of BLONDIE and my belief of them my love and friendship and wanted to promo them and even though I was a kid they had faith in me
since i wrote for rock mags since I was 14 and photos of the STONES etc published
not stage shots peeps
hotle and up close and hanging out shots of them and many more ICONS
I didnt want the DICTATORS but Chris loved them and everyone else was out of town
I was goingto have TELEVISON and THE RAMONES
everyone was PISSEd at Johnny Thunders at that time and didnt want to share the bill because the felt he would try to hustle all the money and owed some money

it cost 250 bucks to rent the gym
but thousands in damages since my idiot partners didnt think SECURITY was nessersary
everything that went wrong was what I said would
and I ended up in the hospital trying to stop DRUNKEN FUCKER LEGGS McNEil from punching someone
I got backhanded and ended up flying into a iron gate
and knocked out
I lost my sense of smell totally for a year and I was a chef
it never came back fully which is sometimes a blessing
I had a concussion threw up blood
and was there for 10 minutes tops at my own show
I refused to call it PUNK a name I came to dispise thanks to the idiot english invasion that was horrible and killed the chance of the RAMONES getting big promos and other REALLY talented NY cbgb based groups
the PISTOLS were pussys
but we all LOVED the CLASH
the music and them as people
asfar a QUANDO which is the proper spelling
I called it NY ROCK
it was just when PUNK came out the magazine...
remember that
the FIRST huge so caled PUNK show
the MUMPS were booked but PATTI SMITH stole the drummer and wouldnt let him play the gig and it BROKE LANCE LOUDS heart
we couldnt get a drummer last minute before printing the flyers and all that crap
but he always loved me for it
Lt. Cobretti Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Lt. Cobretti (member) 11 years ago
.....nope....but i watched the history of the 60s and the 70s, i guess it's kinda like being there...maybe
heck, i'm only eighteen for pete's sake!!
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