I have been photographing friends around the Lower East Side of Manhattan for a few years now but have a new job out of the city. If there is a young aspiring photographer who would like to get some time in with one of the bands I can help them out. Contact me on this system or go to myspace.com/17johnstreet to see what we are doing or www.,myspace.com/arlenesworldfamous.

Tomorrow night is a wild event: 17 John Street bar and Grill.

Here is the notice: _ I will be there taking pictures - Ask for Dave G.

Our group started these parties for our friends and they have grown out of control. "Live" Band Karaoke. We started at Arlenes Grocery and still play evey Monday night to a packed house but people can now only sing once. So we started at John Street Bar and Grill THURSDAYS @ (17 John St. Between Broadway & Naussa). Well now you can sing all night.

This event is very hot and Gold's gym is co-promoting by sending down their hard body "Solid Gold's Gym Singers".

So, you have a full professional band, with pro PA and amps. lights and gear - who have done this for years and each plays in other band like sessioning for Debra Harry or playing bass for The Bomb Squad and or running a sound engineering company.

Over 200 songs in their repitiore and it is a free event with discounted drinks. You practice, they play - everyone drinks and meets the girls. Win, Win, Win!

NOTE: Four bands have started by singing in front of this band - And everyone can plug their upcoming gigs! it is a great way to hear and meet musicians, form a following and maybe finally replace that looser singer who is holding you back. Trust me they are here because they cannot resist playing in front of a band this solid.

Come down - check it out - what you got to loose? There isn't even a cover.


You may even win a gym membership or take home an arobics instructor.

This Thursday – John Street Bar and Grill; The band is playing and being backed by:

These are the hard body girls from Gold’s gym on John Street. They are there to lift your spirits and press you into service as a lead singer for the band.
Unbelievable Gold’s Gym membership discounts – these prices never offered before! You could even win one on the prize wheel!

If your hot ask about being a street team member for a FREE membership!

Gold's Gym Poster Johns Bar Poster E-mail

Thursday - TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!
Be at John Street Bar and Grill for the
17 John Street @ 7:30 pm
Go to: www.myspace.com/17johnstreet
For all the info.

-The Arlenes “Live” R&R Karaoke Band
- The Hard Body Solid Gold’s Gym Singers
- Drinks specials: $1.00 off any drink while the band plays
- Specialty cocktails: Solid Gold's 1,2 PUNCH!
-Gym membership and prizes to give away!

So, Live music, beautiful girls, drink specials, champion weight lifters, free swag, in a friendly tavern with a great menu! What else could you want?
Oh ya, you can front the band while they play your favorite song! Or just watch the Band, have a drink and meet the hard body crew from Gold’s Gym!

Take this slide tour with the Gold Gym Girls at Gold’s Gym – see what you’ll be missing!

See you there Thursday (TOMORROW) night. 7:30 pm.

Go to:

For details – see you there!!!!
17 John Street just steps from Folton Subway; between Broadway and Nassau.
Get in the shower and practice that voice!
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