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navaRo 11:23am, 24 February 2007
hey guys,

i'd like to advertise my new group sorry if this is unwanted here but i actually dont know how to spread it. i didnt found a group for pictures like that so i created my own :) but now its difficult to find people who like to share their works because i dont know which tags to search for.

so please spread the link or tell me how you call this "technique" so that im able to find some groups or establish my own.

big thanks, claudius

(feel free to join of course)
Espen Stranger Seland 11 years ago
navaRo 11 years ago
what the hell is that? whats your problem im trying to find people who share my interest on these kind of pictures. how many flickr members advertise groups in the discussion board of other groups?
1hr photo PRO 11 years ago
Of course members post plugs for their own groups in other groups' forums - but to avoid accusations of spamming it's usually for a related subject, that will likely be of interest to members of the group being posted to. What does your new group have to do with Rock & Roll? Try plugging it in groups dedicated to novel photographic techniques and tricks - I notice you've already posted to and That would seem to be the way to go to avoid being told off...
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