capriana 4:45am, 28 June 2006
So... how did you guys get into rock? any particular reason why? I've actually heard quite a few interesting stories. It's always fun to know/see.
Well, mine ofcourse was because of my mom. When I was five, I had three tapes that were my absolute faves: Sting, BNL, and U2 : )
Three years later, my mom introduced me to Nirvana, which became my absolute favorite. I paid her back by introducing her to her favorite band a few years later (Black Sabbath... wierd that I heard them before her, eh?)
What are your stories?
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 12 years ago
it just happened as a little kid
maybe my grandfather being a jazz drummer helped
rosenthrall 12 years ago
not until i was 14 when my little bro made me listen to marilyn manson and i got hooked on the nobodies and then the album holywood...then backtracked to indie, incubus, jimmy eat world etc and progressed through 80s hair metal (cinderella!) to my true loves of goth and scandinavian metal
utopian moon [deleted] 12 years ago
Hippies,Beatles,loud guitar and drugs.
lasterblaster1 12 years ago
my mom used to clean the house listening to jerry lee lewis.
whiteranger_123 12 years ago
my bro playn nirvana, metallica and a heap of other bands loud, my gran always made me sing elvis, sooo then i got a guitar and started playng them all and havnt stoped.
kathyp. 12 years ago
My grandma was a singer--not famous or anything, but there was always music around.

Then I didn't listen to much of anything for a while. I grew up in the eighties when the music was either really bad or really great, but lacking cool older siblings, I didn't hear much of the great stuff until later.
Cools Pix PRO 12 years ago
First album - Christmas gift: Blood Sweat & Tears age 10
First album purchased -- Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
First Song I danced to with a girl -- House of the Rising Sun (great song, not easy to dance to).
First Concert -- Ray Charles opened for Gladys Knight and the Pips, 1974 in the round at the Oakdale Theater, Wallingford CT.
A thousand great shows since then, Dizzy Gillespie at Newport Jazz, Row 1 for ZZTop and J Geils Band, Row 1 for acoustic Jerry Garcia, Row 7 for Clapton, Many Dead and Dylan shows...Dr. John solo piano...John Fogarty ... Carlos Santana ... Jefferson Airplane ...Hot Tuna ... And now my daughters first shows....Pete Seeger and my youngest's first was Three Dog Night.

i love music.
larry&flo PRO 12 years ago
The release of the film Blackboard Jungle which featured Rock Around the Clock as its opening theme. Most of us had not heard rock music played really loud before.

The Paul Coates TV show (local in LA) that exposed dirty lyrics in R and B music of the fifties. I spent that night searching for those remote stations and was happily listening to Sixty Minute Man and Work with Me Annie soon after.

An amazing Ray Charles concert in the early sixties.
Kadu M. de Oliveira PRO 12 years ago
My First contact with Rock and Roll hapenned When I was a Kid.
Some guys in my neighborhood had Kiss "Creatures of the night" album. But I was very young to understand that.
Years later (with 11 years old), in a friend's house, I listened Iron Maiden song "Phanton of the Opera". That rocked me!!! And this friend had "Creatures of the night" too.
My first concert was a festival here in Brasil with Black Sabbath, Kiss, Slayer, Suicidal tendencies and other local bands like Viper and Angra.
Now I listen since Elvis to Slayer.
My favorite sog this week: "While my guitar Gentky Weeps".
Toxic Butterfly Media 11 years ago
I was born into it! tee hee
My dad was in a highly popular regional metal band when I was a kid. I've been going to shows since I was 5. AT the age of 9 (for my birthday) he took me to see my first arena show.

Ozzy (Bark At the Moon)/Motley Crue (Shout At the Devil).

After that I was hooked, and have been ever since. Since then I have run two indie music publications, and have been involved with quite a bit of my local industry.

Now I just go for the pure joy of it again (no business purposes), and LOVE it! :)
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