Debbie C.B.'s PRO 10:16pm, 1 June 2006
bad musicians
horrible singing
shitty song writing
all flash
no meat
totally stupid
I was catering an affair for PETA and the drummer was there trying to talk me up
he had a freaking BUSSINESS card with KISS on it
he handed it to me
I told him GOD I always hated this band the wrost band ever!
he laughed
and i said but I bet its a pretty good paying gig
and he said
O yea!
he wasnt mad at all
no I didnt call him or give him my number
************AND all those NY DOLL RIP OFF LA hair bands SUCKED big time
x cept GUNS N ROSES who were beyond they hair band genere
they freaking ROCKED best band sound sounds musicality and they looked great
capriana 12 years ago
I kinda liked KISS.
I cannot listen to Guns n Roses, I love Slash, but I HATE AXL's VOICE!
Hole.... HORRIBLE. She never even wrote her own stuff, I HATE HER... (refuse to call her anything but her real name---> Michelle Harrison, not her made-up name)
Michael Batfish 12 years ago
Limp Bizkit (obvious)
HEXIMER 12 years ago
kiss is better that gnr. way better.
iirraa PRO 12 years ago
The Rolling Stones...Mick Jagger can't sing!
capriana 12 years ago
hey! hey! no dissing Jagger... he's awesome.
VeryScaryCarnival 12 years ago
Lot's of rockers can't "sing". Being able to sing isn't a prerequisit for rockin out...You have singers and you have vocalists. I think even Bob Dylan would tell you he can't sing a lick...but his brilliance as a vocalist/poet/artist in undeniable.
So, sure, Mick Jagger can't really sing all that well...but then, he doesn't need to...He is freakin' Mick Jagger!

The worst thing I can think of right now is Rod Stewart and his American Songbook bullshit. I used to love him, but it's all over now...
His voice is not suited for Cole Porter or anything of that time period. Leave the crooning to Brian Ferry!
bbertolazzi 12 years ago
N i r v a n a

trash music!!!!


hotter than hell
:::dvlsn::: 12 years ago
I hate all this horrible US Pop-Rock Bands like:

- Nickelback
- Limp Bizkit
- Kid Rock
- Bullet for my Valentine
- Bon Jovi

... and thousands more!

There is so much bad music arround!

I don't know who buys that bullsh##t
Brooks320 12 years ago
Creed -- the all time worst!
utopian moon [deleted] 12 years ago
SUCK-A lot of bands now sound alike.To scared to try something original.I want to puke when I hear a 18 year old say "I like this band because they sound like _______"
Dylan,Stones,Kiss,Nirvana,Biz Limpkit,Too many to mention.
Great-Scorpions,Lynard Skynard,Kansas,Riot,Black Sabbath{w- and without Ozzy},Journey,Santana,Megadeth,Jethro Tull To name a few.
E300 DSLR PRO 12 years ago
The only problems with threads like this is there is no comparison grading to go by: to rank anyone as Good or Bad you need to know what is good or what is bad.. and in the case of music, like many other "art forms" etc it comes down really to Likes and dislikes.

Because I don't like a certain band and like another doesn't make one good and one bad.

So as far as I'm concerned there can't be a "Worst Band" and as can be seen from above comments, some people would Rate bands as "Good" that other individuals rate as "Bad", enjoy what you enjoy and ignore the bands you don't.

just my opinion (for what it's worth)

Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
I was watching TV and came across Jon Bon Jovi on AMERICAN gag me IDOL
singing a "new" song" and I thought
New I heard this song in the 80s
and relized they have been singing the same fucken song all these years
he sucks
they were cute
I do think Sambora is a good musician
but DAM Jon
write a NEW SONG
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
fall out boy
nickelback creed
chemical romance
franze ferni
all the so called EMO? bands
monster mouse or whatever the fuck

and so on
theyare ALL BLAND BORING and indistigustable and forget able
just shit
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
did some one say
JEHRO TULL sucked?
thats the stupidest thing
greenplastic875 11 years ago
i disagree with "monster mouse" (it's modest mouse) comment, as I believe that they have gone in a lull over the years, their early albums, particularly the moon and antarctica are really good albums.
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
some one took me ..they had two tickets to see ASIA..
anyway Steve Howe from YES and some guy I think I was told was in the BUGGLES and the singer was in URIAH HEAP?
and the drummer from EMMERSON LAKE AND PALMER

worst boring shit ever
the singer bass player sucked
the songs sucked
Steve Howe is all about every hook up and gadget in the wrold and looks disturbing like the crypt keeper
the keyboard guy was a 80s flashback nitemare
PALMER is an amazing drummer he kicked ass
and the only thing worth watching
the place was full of yuppies schumpies in this insanely wealthy town in Conn.
not a single black face to be seen or anyone other than white people
thank goodness I will be seeing the NY DOLLS soon and I will be cleansed to hear some real music
fuck this porgessive jazz 80s flashback shit
the orignal YES singer Anderson had a great voice but I wasnt a BIG fan
guess I like it gritty and bluesy
isnt thatwhat rock and roll is about
Steve Conte of the Dolls donst need a thousand hook ups or Sami or SLYVAIN SLYVAIN
JOhansen is a great frount man and bluesy rock singer
the songs are original
the highlight of the show was when I got yelled at by a idiot security guard who didnt want me to take photos ( i wasnt using a flash )
what he didnt know I was video taping Palmers drum solo
and then the arguement with steroid jack off security
which is on the tape
my firend couldnt believe I totally ignored him till he poked me and I lashed outcursing he is goingto buy me a new camera and was an asshole
other people were taking photos
guess it was good I left my big film camera and zooms and lenses in the car and only had a little digi a fujiE900
he would of chopped my head off if I whipped the big guns out
STEVE HOWE totally boring and this group prog jazz my ass
but yes was okat for the first album and ELP
never into them
but the drummer is great
hes totally nuts
and looks 40 ish not 60
Mad_T PRO 11 years ago
pierluigi.ricci 11 years ago
Limp Bizkit!!!!
Lt. Cobretti Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Lt. Cobretti (member) 11 years ago
Dave Matthews Band
Good Charlotte
Limp Bizkit
Simple Plan
Panic at the Disco
Fall Out Boy
Life House
50 Cent
Obie Trice
anything that's todays pop rock and emo bands because they suck ass!!
[i have a gun and i will assassinate their asses, even the suck ass rappers and poppish teen singers!!]
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