Debbie C.B.'s PRO 4:14pm, 28 May 2006
what bands do you wish you had seen
dead before your time
or for whatever reasons
that you havent but wish you could of
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 12 years ago
I wish I could of seen ELVIS at his prime when he first started and hit
I look at old tapes and think despite how screwed up and lame he ended up
he was awesome so incredibly awesome
he started a whole new concept for what a R&R frount man was and it still prevails
He was truly a ROCK GOD
its like he fell out of the sky
hard to believe he was some hill billy kid
driving a truck who loved music and wanted to make a record for his mother
isnt that how it began
I can hardly imagine he d dare to dream he d be a rock ICON and god like figure head for generations
and he will be remebered
and he s so american
like coca cola
what i wouldnt give to get in a time machine and photograph him and meet him
(and many others)
he was something else wasnt he?
he was very pure
and you cant fake that
how freaking cool was he!?
VeryScaryCarnival 12 years ago
I would like to have seen:

Queen around the time of Sheer Heart Attack up to News of the World. I can't watch anything about Queen and Freddy Mercury without breaking into a sob.
The Cure around the time of Pornography.
Jeff Buckley
The Runaways
The Smiths
Wanda Jackson (she's still performing, I just don't see myself getting the chance to see her)
Human Drama
Buck Owens
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 12 years ago
saw the runaways
everyone LOVED Joan Jett
she hung out
VeryScaryCarnival 12 years ago
I've seen Joan Jett 3 times over the last 20 years. The most recent was at a BBQ in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. As soon as my photos are out of storage, you will be seeing some of those, Debbie!
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 12 years ago
great post them all HERE!
have you seen my Joan Jett photos
this groups icon is Joan Jetts guitar by the way
I loved it so took a photo of it
Kevin In Canada PRO 12 years ago
Grateful Dead, Boston, Triumph. They would have been great shows.

But I think the all time greatest show would have been Johnny Cash at Folsom prison in 1968 (I'm guessing at the year, but I think I'm correct).
Photo Mama 12 years ago


laura handbag Posted 12 years ago. Edited by laura handbag (member) 12 years ago
Well... for me it was the Cream in 69... they selfishly broke up when I was 14... and I have been waiting for Eric to stop messing about ever since. I was lucky enough to see one of the re-union gigs last year and all I can say is... the earth, and several other things, moved!
laura handbag Posted 12 years ago. Edited by laura handbag (member) 12 years ago
I missed Miles too... although that aint quite rock and roll, I suppose.
larry&flo PRO 12 years ago
The Rolling Stones in Long Beach. It would have been so easy.
feeble sponge [deleted] 12 years ago
Grateful Dead Pre-'72 when Pigpen was still alive! *sigh*
Kiki Gin 12 years ago
The Smiths, The Ramones (I wish I wish I wish), The Clash or the Misfits. Actually I have far too many to name... born a good decade too late!
capriana 12 years ago
Nirvana, The Ramones (definately), The Doors, Deep Purple, I'm going to stop there, because I feel cruddy already for missing so many. I wish I was a 70's child...
learned texture [deleted] 11 years ago
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Mott the Hoople, Johnny Thunders, Nirvana, and early Bowie.
amg2000 11 years ago
In 1976 (I think that was the year) Led Zeppelin came to Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Me and my friend had to work the day the tickets went on sale, so we sent another friend who didn't.

He comes back that night, and says he got us great seats...unfortunately, the seats were for Ted Nugent and Lynard Skynard (and one other band who I forget now). Plus, it was at Nassau Colliseum (never one of my favorite venues). We wanted to kill him.

Needless to say, I really wish that I had gotten to see Led Zeppelin. Other bands I wish I could have seen are:
The Smiths, Heavenly, Tallulah Gosh, the Bag Band, The Germs, The Weirdos,BMX Bandits, Lush. I'm sure I can think of tons more.

Looking at some of the comments above, I don't feel that bad. I got to see The Clash (their first show in the US at the Palladium), the Ramones (many times at CBGBs), the Runaways (CBGBs also), many different incarnations of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers (Max's Kansas City). I saw the Dead at the Academy of Music (previous name of the Palladium) in 1973 or so...but no Pigpen.
amg2000 11 years ago
Oh yeah...both Elvis' (old and fat, and young and skinny)!
Evil Telepathic Monkey Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Evil Telepathic Monkey (member) 11 years ago
Howlin' Wolf, Captain Beefheart, and Tom Waits.
Tom Waits I might still have a chance, doubt if the Captain will come out of retirement, or the Wolf to rise from the grave.
damonhendrix 11 years ago
Jimi Hendrix,
Elliiott Smith,
Janis Joplin,
Pink Floyd,
Deep Purple (at 70s),
Nina Simone,
Grateful Dead,
Jeff Buckley
PaulvanDijk 11 years ago
clash, ramones, charlie parker, djangjo reinhardt

im very happy the Cramps are still around :)
Lt. Cobretti 11 years ago
Blondie circa 1978
The Beatles
Rolling Stones
Marvin Gaye
Led Zeppelin
The Knack
The Clash
Sex Pistols
Jimi Hendrix
Toxic Butterfly Media 11 years ago
I would have put Pink Flloyd here, but I was able to see them when they went through Cali for Liberty Bell.

The two I would have loved to see, but for various reasons wasn't able would be Pantera, and Stevie Ray Vaghan.
VIM'S PLACE PRO 11 years ago
I would have loved...
To hear/feel the screaming at a Beatles concert.
To experience the zone-out of a Led Zeppelin Concert
To have seen Jim Morrison of the Doors up close and personal.
To have retreived a piece of Ritchie Blackmore's broken guitar.
But seeing Janis would have been too painful...
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