Greatest singers

Debbie C.B.'s PRO 4:12pm, 28 May 2006
your all time favorites and why they are the best
is it the
Haaland 12 years ago
A really hard one... But I thnk that must be Peter Perret of the Only Ones.
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 12 years ago
Terry Reid
Robert Plant
Love Neil Youngs VOice gets me right there makes me cry
Marriane Faithfull then and now
RONNIE SPECTOR! makes me cry too
Gary Brooker Procal harum
ROger Daultry and Pete TOwnsend
I find Dylan comforting
Love Jimi Hendrix;s voice so bluesy and cool
JACK BRUCE who uses his voice like no other
Axel Rose perfect rock voice
Freddy Mercury beautifull
Johnny thunders- sincerity and honest and additude
David Johansen-for that personiality crisis
Deborah Harry because she can really sing and i love her whoa whoa oh oh whoa whoa's
Tom Verliane like Neil but more NY
Keith richards
MICK JAGGER cos its the singer not the song
Steve Marriot r.i.p lotta power in that little guys pipes
humble pie were great with frampton go ahead laugh at peter...
Dusty Springfield
SAm Cooke
they may not exactly be rock but they ROCKED
Marvin gaye too
there are NO soul black singers anymore unless you count
PRINCE! & a genius on many levels
all the others like USHER ect are pussies dancing around in jewelery
I like Billy Armstrong he s great great band

Myhauitshu? whos that Hassicd rapper
hes great

I f I could sing like anyone it would be TERRY REID
and I tried!

theres other good singers but these stick out in my mind most
oddsock Posted 12 years ago. Edited by oddsock (member) 12 years ago
Van Morrison - he has written some of the best love songs!
Jazz Blues Soul and more! Van's the Man : )
Van Morrison
P.S. I have to add Paul Rodgers to the list, Free, Bad Company, The Law, The Firm, some fine solo albums - Cut Loose and Muddy Water Blues, and have you checked out Queen - Return of the Champions?
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 12 years ago
van is amazing true
johnnyalive PRO 12 years ago
if you like falsetto... Brian Wilson is the man. But Bowie is my favorite.
feeble sponge [deleted] 12 years ago
Steve Winwood...not the greatest but still great.
capriana 12 years ago
Kurt Cobain. HIs voice has comforted me through many hard times.
Luis Beltza PRO 12 years ago
Marvin gaye !!!! Is the best ;what's going on)))
utopian moon [deleted] 12 years ago
Janis Joplin
Klaus Miene{Scorpians}He can belt out loud and still nail a ballad.
I always liked Edgar Winter-Great blues singer
rosenthrall 12 years ago
i love the raspy voices, the best of which is probably tom keifer of cinderella, then ville laihala (sentenced), axl rose etc and also the deep drowning vocals eg jp of charon
Hmm, Maynard James Keenan from Tool I guess. He has haunting vocals. Send shivers up my spine. Also, Chino Moreno from Deftones, never fails to impress me
whiteranger_123 12 years ago
Bob seger, Elvis, now the rock,

Eddie Vader,
Bon Scott,
James Hetfield.
offbeat earthquake [deleted] 12 years ago
chris cornell
eddie vedder
bob marley
zach de la rocha
lasterblaster1 12 years ago
E l v i s
iirraa PRO 12 years ago
Joey Ramone had a great voice.
lasterblaster1 12 years ago
oh yeah' LINK WRAY and he only had one lung.
don't forget.... wanda jackson. she can still belt it out.
kathyp. Posted 12 years ago. Edited by kathyp. (member) 12 years ago
Joey Ramone is a much better singer than he's given credit for.

Voices, i.e. they could sing the want ads (one of them did, in fact) and I'd still love it:

John Doe (plus he'll stare right into your eyes if you're in the front row)
Linda Thompson
George Jones
Lucinda Williams
Patsy Cline
Chuck D. (amazing power and discipline)
Jonathan Richman
Paul Westerberg
Patti Smith
Freddie Mercury, the best frontman ever
Lisa Kakula (sp?)
Bon Scott
Marianne Faithfull
Rachel Nagy
iirraa PRO 12 years ago
John Lennon had a great voice.
Kadu M. de Oliveira PRO 12 years ago
There are so many good singers in a diferent styles.

- Ian Gillan (in the old times)
- David Coverdale (In the Deep Purple Times)
- Klaus Meine (Scorpions)
- Dio
- James Hetfield (Metallica - he have a strong voice)
- Robert Plant
- Mike Ness (best Punk Rock singer and Writer)
- Joe Cocker
- Bruce Dickinson
- Ray Charles
- B.B. King
- Elvis PRO 12 years ago
David Lee Roth
Marvin Gaye
Waylon Jennings
Johnny Cash
Patti Smith
courageous lumber [deleted] 12 years ago
Steve Marriot
Mad_T PRO 11 years ago
Curtis Mayfield
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
o yea
Steve Marriot
how I loved him
how great was HE!
I wanted to be able to sing just like him
and often I was able too least I thought so

yea Joey Ramone never got his due props while alive or even now
so they named a street after him
thats all wonderful but the guy was dead
for some reason I like ENGLISH singers better or DID
forget Joss Stone and all the crap
Im talking in that golden era
those increible groups
o my fucking god
pure heaven

but I love JIMI HENDRIX so much
singinging anythinh
Jimi where ever u are if u are
god dam it
u know you are loved
sincerly loved and missed
not flavor of the month love
forever loved
never saw it

he was the geek boy in Forset hills High School
do you know how amazingly wonderful that would of been for him
though DeeDee would of been pissed and wanted a street of his own
i loved hids voice
he was really into british rock and faked a british accent
it was so rediculous
that it was so perfect so good

ooh ya
god that killed me I fell off my chair
amg2000 11 years ago
Among female singers, I like:
Amelia Fletcher (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research, Tender Trap) has a voice that makes me totally giddy...not technically a great singer, but very endearing. Plus she's an indy pop goddess!
Tracey Thorn (Everything But the Girl)
Sarah Shannon (Velocity Girl)
Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins)
Lt. Cobretti 11 years ago
Deborah Harry & Robert Plant of course!!
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
and David Johansen!
The NY Dolls
mosesxan Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mosesxan (member) 11 years ago
Thom Yorke
Zach De La Rocha
Chris Isaak
Bob Marley
Damian Marley
Stephen Marley
Willie Nelson
Johnny Cash
David Byrne
Peter Garrett
David Eugene Edwards
Sufjan Stevens
chester from linkin park he can realy wail
the dude from papa roach is preti good 2
thousands more jimi h kurt c jack w :)
Toxic Butterfly Media 11 years ago
Ok, I know this is a rock forum, but whenever I'm asked this question I have to blurt my all-time favorite. Ella Fitzgerald. I know she really doesn't fit the theme, but I just had to get it out there.

As for rock vocalists (in no particular order, but love them all):
Shawn Smith
Jon Anderson (Yes)
Joe Lynn Turner
Tony Harnell
Geoff Tate
Michael McDonald

I dunno. The list could easily change in 30 seconds for me. I like so many. That's a few though. :)
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