Debbie C.B.'s 4:09pm, 28 May 2006
your favorites
Debbie C.B.'s 13 years ago
Mitch Mitchells} Jimi Hendrix Experiance
Keith Moon }The Who
John Bonham}Led Zeppelin
Clem Burke}Blondie
Marc Ramone- when he was with the Voidoids more than his Ramone style
Charlie Watts } Rolling Stones!
Jerry Nolan }The New York Dolls , Johnny thunders and The Heartbreakers!
Gene Kruppa
Buddy Rich
Ginger Baker.............................,

for now
I pick them
all for there distinct styles
and often power like Bonham but still having a melody
not just pounding away
and often providing the perfect bottom like Ringo and Charlie
yea there are other great drummers but I cant recall and prora bly thev'e listened to any of the above and been inspired
I know Marc Bell (Ramones) was very influenced by Mitch mitchells which is so evident in his work with
Richard Hell and the Voidoids
he had to learn a whole new style for the Ramones
Clem Loves Keith Moon and Ringo
and so on

any metal band
it all goes back to BONHAM and Baker!
Kevin In Canada 13 years ago
Buddy Rich was a great, but I think Neil Peart of Rush is the greatest of all. No trouble picking him.
encouraging line [deleted] 13 years ago
John Bonham (Led Zep), Eric Carr (KISS), Clive Burr (Iron Maiden), Neil Peart (Rush), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)
Debbie C.B.'s 13 years ago
I was waiting for someone to pick the guy from RUSH
Im not into the band at all

I forgot MIKE Shere or whatever from the band SANTANA
the original drummer
oddsock 13 years ago
Mike Shrieve in the film woodstock was awesome : )
my vote has to be for Bonzo because he was the master of the big heavy sound!
A few more who should be in here : )
Carl Palmer - ELP
Bill Bruford - Yes
Roger Taylor - Queen
Debbie C.B.'s 13 years ago
mike Shrive!!! from BROOKLYN !!!
lets all thank his speed dealer for that woodstock solo!

always BINZO anit it
johnnyalive 13 years ago
Mitch Mithell or John Bonham.
feeble sponge [deleted] 13 years ago
Bill Ward of Black Sabbath. Very underrated...sad too because he's really really good!
capriana 13 years ago
Phil Rudd... he knew how to keep a beat
Dave Grohl
and ofcourse, Lars Urlich
utopian moon [deleted] 13 years ago
Billy Cobham
Bobby Jarzombek{Halford}{riot}
Niel Peart
Scott TaylorLOL
utopian moon [deleted] 13 years ago
I get pissed when I hear someone say that Charlie Watts has a style. He is the laziest drummer ever.He plays like a kid just learning.
He looks like he is going to fall asleep on stage.
Charlie got the longest free ride ever.
Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater is one of the best
DrumrWanaBe 12 years ago
I would have to say the greatest drummers of all time are:
Neil Pert (rush)
Ian Pace (deep purple)
Buddy Rich
Gene Krupa

And even though they are not the greatest drummers of all time, some, other than the ones I just listed, that are my favorite are:
Travis Barker (blink-182)
Phil Collins (genesis)
andreoni girl 12 years ago
Keith Moon - The Who
John Bonham - Led Zeppelin
Vinnie Paul - Pantera
Igor Cavalera - Sepultura!!!!!
Ian Pace - Deep Purple
Dave Grohl - every time
Neil Peart - Rush
Stewart Copeland - The Police
lasterblaster1 12 years ago
carmen apice
tommy aldridge
ws holland

some that need some props fo sho...

all that have been listed are great so far...
laingphoto 12 years ago
ok, fine, i'll say it, travis barker. i doubt anyone here listens to any of his bands (blink 182, boxcar racer, the transplants, +44) but he's pretty amazing.
Kadu M. de Oliveira 12 years ago
hummm dificult this question

- Ian Paice - Deep Purple
- Bill Ward - Black Sabbath ( in the old times )
- John Bonham - Led Zeppelin
- Erick Carr - Kiss
- Lars Urich - Metallica
- Dave Lombardo - Slayer
Lt. Cobretti Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Lt. Cobretti (member) 12 years ago
Clement Burke
Keith Moon
Ringo Starr
how can this even be debated
-->Neil Peart of Rush<---
Jl sarenas (Juvy) 12 years ago
Keith moon
John Bonham
Dave Grohl
Taylor Hawkins (this man can drum and sing at the came time, and he's good! He's in "Taylor hawkins And the Coattail Riders")
Debbie C.B.'s 12 years ago
Brian Delaney
I just saw him play//again but this time right next to him where I was standing and I really listened and watched and he was freaking amazing
he really ripped it up
Oh by the way he is the drummer from the New York Dolls now
they were all incredible this week
but they always are

there not rock but
Buddie RIch and Gene Krupa
are way up in the top of all time great drummers
Toxic Butterfly Media 12 years ago
Hands down, Mike Portnoy!
He's a friggin' machine! But it's not just his capabilities, it's the writing. Before I really listened to Dream Theater (my brother turned me onto them) I never REALLY noticed the drummers when I listen to music. I mean of course they're there, and a lot of them do some crazy stuff, but I never really bought into the concept of "lead drums" or whatever phrase fits, until I heard him play. The way he plays a line, and then reverses it is always awesome to listen to.

Just my opinion.
Mikey Brick 12 years ago
John Bonham - greatest.
VIM'S PLACE 12 years ago
Buddy Miles
Mikey Brick 12 years ago
Rest In Peace Max Roach.
Debbie C.B.'s 11 years ago

Im adding a new drummer that i just saw this weekend
hes 16 and plays like hes been playing along time
he was killer great
Julian from FIASCO
check them out on

GOD LOVES FIASCO is something they put out recently

I also posted some photos of him on my flickr pages..
AlejPix 11 years ago
Vinnie Colaiuta
Manu Katché
Simon Philipps
Steward Coppeland
and yes... Ringo Starr !
dianalenn 11 years ago
I have to go with my all time favorite, there's no other like him, Carl Palmer.
Tony Gill 11 years ago
Topper Headon of The Clash. He was the engine room. He was the chops.
WietskEfotografie 11 years ago
Martin Lopez - Opeth
Mike portnoy - Dream theater
Brent Hinds - Mastodon
Gotta check them out!
John Bonham
Gene Krupa
Lars Ulrich
Raquy Danzinger
Glen Velez
Mickey Hart
Brent Lewis
eyeslikespiralz Posted 11 years ago. Edited by eyeslikespiralz (member) 11 years ago
1) John Henry Bonham
2) Mitch Mitchell
3) Ringo Starr

Any Order:

Nick Mason
Alan "Reni" Wren
Dave Grohl
John Densmore
Gene Krupa
Levon Helm
Charlie Watts
Graham F Wright 11 years ago
Bill Ward and I should Know!!!!!!!! Graham Wright.
Debbie C.B.'s 11 years ago
big props to Ringo and Charlie
why do people think there dull or unimportant?
not every band bneeds a John B Bonzo or Kieth Moon to be great
Jim Capalidi was great too
apple sauce 11 years ago
Fredrik Sandsten from The Soundtrack of Our Lives!
jshrive 11 years ago
Just heard Mickey Waller [ Steampacket / Jeff Beck / Rod Stewart ] died at the end of April 2008 . Pete Sears wrote a wonderful memorial . Must have been one of the first was always striving to be a jazzer .Did many sessions with the notables black and white including Hendrix .As the late Tony Ashton said "A one off!"
Travelling Man Photos 11 years ago
Brian Downey - Thin Lizzy; or

Simon Phillips - Session Drummer - has played with MSG, Judas Priest, The Corrs amongst loads of others
Debbie C.B.'s 11 years ago


Debbie C.B.'s says:
Bang the drum for rock’n’ roll heroes

Will Pavia
They have been the butt of jokes, and even the most agile of their number have seldom been regarded as paragons of physical virtue.

For all John Bonham’s thunderous half-hour solos behind Led Zeppelin, and Keith Moon’s frenzied skin-bashing with The Who, neither man - nor the generations of drummers who followed them - was ever recognised as a finely tuned athlete.

But all that is about to change. After an eight-year study of Clem Burke, the veteran Blondie drummer, sports scientists have concluded that drummers are comparable in their physical prowess to world-class sportsmen.

Marcus Smith, of the University of Chichester, told The Times: “For me, as a sports scientist, he is no different to the Olympic athletes I have worked with.”

Led Zeppelin, Isle of Wight, 1973
Drummer Jon Bonham gives the rest of the group a 20-minute interval while he plays solo

Related Links
‘It’s physical. I warm up, I diet, I go to the gym’
Dr Smith and Steve Draper, of the University of Gloucestershire, monitored Burke’s oxygen uptake, blood lactate and heart rate in rehearsals and live performances.

“He loses up to two litres of fluid in a performance, which is similar to a runner going out and doing 10,000 metres,” Dr Smith said.

Burke burnt 400-600 calories per hour. His heart rate averaged 140 to 150 beats a minute, though it could rise as high as 190 beats - equalling that of Cristiano Ronaldo in a Premier League football match.

Restoring the honour of the rock drummer has been a labour of love for Dr Smith, a lifelong Blondie fan. In 1998, as he was finishing his PhD, there were rumours that the band was about to reform.

He wrote to Burke that summer as a fan and as a sports scientist who had worked with professional football players and British Olympic boxers. They met at Wembley Arena, where Burke agreed to let Dr Smith follow him around on tour.

“There is a lot more to it than having a beer and walking on stage for two hours,” Burke told The Times. Even if that was how he used to do business, “at this point in my career I’m conscious of needing to be prepared”.

He does not think, however, that he is the only one who requires the services of a sports scientist. “Rock’n’roll music is in middle age now,” he added.

Burke needs to stay in peak physical condition and can sometimes suffer from joint pain. “Jacuzzis, saunas, massages, all that is incorporated into the life of the modern drummer,” he said. The late Keith Moon, whose manic performances seemed to create enough energy to power the national grid, was once his idol.

“These days, I say he taught me what not to do. He was very physical but he basically killed himself with excessiveness,” said Burke
Gambarrotti 11 years ago
Phil Collins (Genesis, solo)
Keith Moon (The Who)
Ringo Starr (Beatles, solo)
Peter Criss (Kiss)
Ginger Baker (Derek & Dominoes, Graham Bond)
Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)
John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)
Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson)
Roger Taylor (Queen)
rob_valine Posted 11 years ago. Edited by rob_valine (member) 11 years ago
OK Guys, I've been a drummer since I was 12. That was 36 years ago. So, this is one I have to respond to. Here are a few of my favorites.

I've seen Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and Neil Peart. All very talented drummers.

Some of my personal favorites are :
Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake)
Ian Paice (Deep Purple)
John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)
Dave Rath (Heaven's Edge)
Don Brewer (Grand Funk Railroad)
Steve Riley (L.A. Guns)
Ginger Baker (Cream)
If I had to pick one it would probably be John Bonham with Ian Paice a very close second or it might be a toss up between the two. Both exceptionally talented drummers.
"Me with my drums 1989"
ollografik 11 years ago
Christian Vander from Magma
Debbie C.B.'s 11 years ago
Yea and rob youve been a so called photographer too
i'll take ginger for real and john bonham
but the rest
as usually dont know what ur talking about

guess it all comes down to personal taste or truth or knowlege

havea happy decade man
NB Photo Flash Posted 11 years ago. Edited by NB Photo Flash (member) 11 years ago
Carl Palmer - Emerson Lake & Palmer
Keith Moon - The Who
John Bonham - Led Zepplin
Ginger Baker - Cream
griffpicsdublin 11 years ago
Neil Peart is an obvious choice.

Nicko McBrain doesn't get nearly enough credit, the man is a phenomenal drummer.

On a different note I've always liked Steve White (of Paul Weller's band & also The Who's touring drummer), and nice to see Alan Wren (Reni) get a mention.

Fyffe Ewing of Therapy? is another one who never seems to get mentioned - well not surprising since he quit the band & disappeared off the musical radar about 13 years ago!
Debbie C.B.'s 11 years ago
the drummer for THE WHO thats touring now is named ZAK STARKEY

his father you might of heard of
his name is RINGO STAR
was in this little band THE BEATLES!
griffpicsdublin 11 years ago
Ringo Starr - in the words of John Lennon - 'Not the best drummer in the world? He's not even the best drummer in The Beatles'! ;)

Zak was in Oasis until recently...
michelle blakley 8 years ago
NEIL & Tommy all the way!!!
wbaiv 6 years ago
Ringo Starr
Keith Moon
Al Jackson, Jr.
Gregg Bissonette
Zak Starr
Stuart Copeland
Dave Grohl
Nick Mason
Groups Beta