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Debbie C.B.'s Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Debbie C.B.'s (admin) 12 years ago
Jack Bruce
John Entwistle
Noel Redding
Paul MacCartney s pretty good too dosnt he play EVERYTHING!?
Bootsy Collins
John paul jones ( ZEPP!)
Sammi Yaffa
johnnyalive 13 years ago
Ben Schroeder - The Spaceage Polymers.
feeble sponge [deleted] 13 years ago
Les Claypool of Primus/Oysterhead/Bucket of Bernie Brains/Frog Brigade
Debbie C.B.'s 12 years ago
Im adding Sammi Yaffa
listewn to the NY DOLLS on my new Stero I was able to hear him better than live
and the man is great
he really rolls
courageous lumber [deleted] 12 years ago
Ron Wood
Ronnie Lane
Robert Deleo
Allen Woody 12 years ago
Les Claypool has my vote....that guy is INSANE!!!! PRIMUS FOREVER!
on bass alg 12 years ago
too many to pick a favorite how about Jaco Pastorious or who was that guy from the dead? oh yeah....Phil Lesh great times if you can remember them. these are not favorites. I just thought they deserve mention.
Alexander Countey 12 years ago
Darryl Jennifer, set new speed records with the bad brains
Eyesaremosaics 12 years ago
Sean Malone ;)
Michael Smith 12 years ago
Danny Thompson's ace!
capriana 12 years ago
Les Claypool
suzysputnik 12 years ago
Mick Karn, Holger Czukay, Dave Allen, Peter Hook, Mick Ronson, Bootsy Collins, Darryl Jennifer, Flea, Les Claypool, Mik Sweeney. Those are the ones I can think of at the moment.
nervous bird 12 years ago
everyone who didn't say MIKE WATT is stupid.
sorry but it's true.
go listen to some minutemen, "indie rockers".
impossible elbow [deleted] 12 years ago
Jean-Jacques Burnel
auntsmack4u 12 years ago
Mad_T 12 years ago
mark king, bootsy collins, bruce mulletman foxton, john entwistle, ronnie lane
amg2000 12 years ago
Definately Ron Wood in the Jeff Beck Group.
Ronnie Lane
Peter Hook of Joy Division
Hoger Czukay
Mike Watt

I'm sure I can think of more if I put my mind to it.
Mad_T 12 years ago
forgot peter hook in my list.
hm - whatabout norman housmartin fatboyslim cook?
Debbie C.B.'s 12 years ago
how could anyone
not mention 3 fingerd entwistle
john from the WHO?
mighty attraction [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mighty attraction (member) 12 years ago
a semi-funny little piece of bass player gossip: did you know that there were two famous persons in music history who claimed to be "the world's greatest bass player"? one of 'em was jaco pastorius. the other one was ... dee dee ramone! (according to either legs mcneil's book "please kill me" or monte melnick's "on the road with the ramones"; sorry, i'm too lazy to look it up right now.)

Lt. Cobretti Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Lt. Cobretti (member) 12 years ago
i love Nigel Harrison, the English One!!

i know there's more out there, but you know...
Debbie C.B.'s 12 years ago
nigel was okay but replaceable
mosesxan 12 years ago
Some of my favorites include:

Les Claypool
Mike Gordon
Geddy Lee
Toxic Butterfly Media 12 years ago
John Myung (Dream Theater)
Bootsy Collins
Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big)
Les Claypool
Geddy Lee
Billy Gould (Faith No More)
Cynthia Longo 12 years ago
John Entwistle
Noel Redding
Geddy Lee
and my personal favorite Chris Squire
Mikey Brick 12 years ago
James Jamerson
Robbie Shakespeare
Daryl Jenifer
VIM'S PLACE 12 years ago
Joco Pastorius...

but John Entwistle MADE the Who what it was.
VIM'S PLACE 11 years ago
Oh yes...
Tony Franklin rocks too, or Jimmy Page wouldn't have chosen him for the Firm.
Go Tony Fretless Monster!
AlejPix 11 years ago
Marcus Miller
Jaco Pastorius
Tony Levin
My faves would be:

--Mark King
---Bruce Thomas ( the most underated bass player ever - from Elvis Costello and the Attractions. )
--John Entwistle
--Victor Wooten
--Norwood Fischer ( of Fishbone )
--Marcus Miller
--Rodney "Skeets" Curtis ( best P-Funk bass player ever. Yes, better than Bootsy, etc. Now plays with Maceo Parker ) .
--Tom Fowler ( ex-Zappa/Ray Charles )
--Duck Dunn
--Stuart Zender ( ex- Jamiroquai )
Zzzzt!Zzzzt! 11 years ago
Many great ones here, many faves!

My list would have to include:
Chris Squire
Ray Shulman (Gentle Giant)
Jack Bruce
Greg Ridley (Spooky Tooth, Humble Pie)
John Entwistle
John Paul Jones
Tony Levin
Billy Sheehan
Larry Graham
Les Claypool
Noel Redding
Roger Glover (Deep Purple / Rainbow)
Roger Waters
Geddy Lee
Tom Fowler
Willie Dixon
Tommy Shannon (Johnny Winter / Stevie Ray Vaughn)
Bill Wyman
Duck Dunn
Ron Wood
Mo Foster (w/Jeff Beck and/or Gary Moore)
Always enjoyed The Doors Ray Manzarek's bass line on keyboards too.
and many more..we have truly been blessed with some great bass players and too many have been under-appreciated and taken for granted. Such an important part of the music we love.
John Myung
mark (+44 yes i no pop punk but dat guy is pretty damn gud!!!)
coreyweb 11 years ago
Richard Bona
Stanley Clarke
Charles Mingus
James Jamerson
Tony Levin
Ron Carter
Jack Bruce
Victor Bailey
Geddy Lee
Juan Nelson
Roscoe Beck
Ray Brown
Debbie C.B.'s 11 years ago
yea you knoe Dee Dee became a really great bass player
he was just right for them
and Bill Wymans always been underated,,,but not under paid at least..thats for sure
who played bass on the first Santana album
they were All GREAT
and John Paul Jones of course
Yoko Naylhed 11 years ago
Someone German and soon to be famous, I hope...
Rene Fläx from Skin Diary (Berlin).
Fleas younger brother.
fc6813 11 years ago
Musical preferences are subjective and conditioned through
culture and enviorment, one persons manna is anothers
That personal choices would be
Jonas Hellborg!!
Bill laswell
Robbie Shakespeare
Andrea Tallone Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Andrea Tallone (member) 11 years ago
no one is talking about Cliff Burton from Metallica?
well, for me it's him the greatest. i am a bass player also and he gaves me a lot of inspiration.
mathotspot Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mathotspot (member) 11 years ago
I say Flea, Les Claypool, and Robert Trujillo who is fast, furious & funky (ex Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Groove and now Metallica)
Noddy Guevara 11 years ago
Pete Cruikshank or the 70s grunge blues band the Groundhogs is possibly my forgotten hero !
griffpicsdublin 11 years ago
No one has mentioned Steve Harris? OK then I will. Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.
The dude in My Morning Jacket is deadly. I couldn't take my eyes off him when I saw them Live. He is worth a mention for sure. Geddy Lee for a Canadian mention.
Cairo Dusk 10 years ago
cannot believe that nobody has mentioned Steve Digiorgio, the man's a genius. Listen to his band Dark Hall
highfalutin condition [deleted] 10 years ago
only one mention of Jaco Pastorious... surprising! All of the above are good, what bout James Jamerson of the Funk brothers... literally invented the Motown Sound!
Evil Telepathic Monkey 10 years ago
Kit Kat from the Candy Band
NelsonMuntzPhoto 10 years ago
one of the best and underrated:

JOHN TAYLOR / Duran Duran
Brian O'Mahony Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Brian O'Mahony (member) 10 years ago
Not to sound too ignorant but what is the main difference between a Bass Player and a Guitar Player in a band? How do you differentiate the two?

Steve Cropper from Booker T & The MG's is one of my favourite guitar players.
previous trip [deleted] 10 years ago
I think that is Denis Dunaway from Alice cooper. :)
Cosmovisión 10 years ago
Steve Harris
John Entwistle
Noel Redding
Jaco Pastorious
Robert Trujillo
Jeff Ament
workingspliff 10 years ago
Jack Bruce
Paul Simonon
Billy Cox
Jack Casady
Twang Your Head Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Twang Your Head (member) 10 years ago
I'd hafta go with:
Jaco Pastorious
Noel Redding
Stanley Clarke
Bill Wyman (the Stones do NOT sound the same)...

here's two not mentioned: Mike Mills (REM) and... wait for it... Gene Simmons. Both for how they build a song - make it hummable.
breakable weather [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by breakable weather (member) 10 years ago
John Entwistle
Jack Bruce
Jaco Pastorious
Jerry Only
Andy Apathy (Reagan Youth)
Klous Flouride....
Harvey Brooks (super session)
Phil Lesh
Steve Harris !!
Hoya (Madball)
I could keep going , theres a lot of great bassist
Yabon_Gorky 10 years ago
Definitely Cliff Burton.

But there are a lot of great bassists out there
Steve DiGiorgio, Steve Harris, Billy Gould, etc...
and Shane Embury (Napalm Death) is great, kind of a human metronome ;)
m matthys 10 years ago
I like a lot of bass players...

Geddy Lee
Jaco Pastorius
Chris Squire
Les Claypool
John Entwistle
Mike Mills

Hard to pick a favorite.
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