Cole Blaq PRO 8:41pm, 14 January 2012
Alea iacta est.

Congrats to all participants!I
it was a tough choice.

We came to terms and now proudly present the winners of the 3rd speeder bike contest:

Colour me Fascinated

1. Ted Andes' 23 Squidoo - Hoverbike
23 Squidoo - Hoverbike by ted @ndes

2. LDM's Si-Ar
Si-Ar by eldeeem

3. Roguebantha's CMF2012cc
CMF2012cc by Rogue Bantha


1. ZetoVince's ASB-07 "Bigshroud"
ASB-07 "Bigshroud" (LSB contest entry) by ZetoVince

2. Captainsmog's Ork Speeda
Ork Speeda: side by captainsmog

3. LDM's MiFaScout.
(But as LDM has already won in the CMF category, prize giving shifts one down in ranking from here.)
MiFaScout by eldeeem

4. Ted Andes' Cossack "Thunderbolt"
(But as Ted Andes has already won in the CMF category, prize giving shifts one down in ranking from here.)
Cossack "Thunderbolt" by ted @ndes

5. Halfbeak's Warhorse 3000
Warhorse 3000 by halfbeak


1. Pit Stop by Darkbln
Pit Stop by TheDarkblane

2. Assembly Line by ZetoVince
(But as ZetoVince has already won in the Military category, prize giving shifts one down in ranking from here.)
Assembly Line (LSB contest entry) by ZetoVince

3. ZEPHYR-2 by La Villa Strangiato's
ZEPHYR-2 by Keith Goldman

4. Run, Raiders! by SPARKART!
Run, Raiders! by SPARKART!

Special Honour
Winners chosen upon their dedication.

1. First of all Chase by Dregant. A lot of action going on. We ain't got nothing but <3 for all the hoverbikes in this scene. But size restrictions have a purpose...
Chase by Dregant

2. Squidman’s Carussell by Ted Andes is a creation built alsongside this contest. (But as Ted Andes has already won in the CMF category, prize giving shifts one down in ranking from here.)
Squidman's Carousel by ted @ndes

3. Onosendai for his over-the-top participation and taking free-willingly the crown of disqualification. He showed his fun in building something for the contest and not only for the sake of price-winning:
Dino Ridin' by onosendai2600

Shark Bike by onosendai2600

Blue72 by onosendai2600

4. Another outstanding and challenging creation was Octopunk’s vignette, showing how to further develop an outstanding idea (La Villa Strangiato's entry, in this case).
Lava Bike by Octopunk

For prize claiming please FM Cole Blaq for further details.

This was a super awesome contest, the participation was massive. The overall quality of the bikes was incredible, far beyond the last two contests. Either only skilled builders entered the contest or it was that the standard of building in general has developed. Either way, congratulations to all of you and your feedback and participation was a blast to follow. Nearly every day a new creation showed up replacing the prior favorites. We hope you enjoyed the contest as much as we did while going for the little and challenging builds.

Facts and figures:
There were about 122 contributions from X members, (Too lazy to sort that one out) 2 disqualifications.

The colour me fascinated category seemed to be the most popular one with 47 entries, followed by the military category with 37 entries and the vignette category with 36 entries. Vignette seemed to be the most challenging and the CMF the most interesting as colour control and experiment could be applied.

There are several mention-worthy entries, so we’d like to highlight some outstanding creations as they defined the range of entries.

Buster's Rally Speeder was highly valued. For it’s compactness and use of the technic panels it was a favorite among the judges. The Jeepike by Darkbln was a top notch execution of an outstanding idea. Neim343, again, delivers a wicked custom paint job. The Bath Speeder was the entry with the minimalist parts use while spilling over with ridiculousness = +10. A Fireball blazing through the air and the ambitious organic render of a flying bush. Finally the Space Vignette packs 3 classical space themes into one scene, which has warmed the hearts of the space series fans amongst us.

A huge thanks to our generous sponsors who supported with some really nice incentives.

Chromebricks for the chrome bricks.
Perron 4 for the impulse sets.
FBTB for adding Luke's Landspeeder set (8092) to bring along some friends.
BrickArms for the nice sets of weapons for the special prizes.

And also thanks to Eurobricks for getting us on the frontpage.
and last but not least the Judges and organizing collective:

Pasukaru _zenn Cole Bl♠q

May the force be with you.
M.R. Yoder 5 years ago
Thank you for hosting such a great contest, and to all the winners! I built a speeder bike after seeing all the great entries, but alas, I was too late. Plus, after seeing the winners, I fear my efforts were weak sauce.
Keith Goldman PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Keith Goldman (member) 5 years ago
Kudos to everyone involved, for a spirited throwdown. That was a classy write up too.
Magυs 5 years ago
Nice job everybody!

Now, I might even build a few more speeder bikes in the future. :3
: VolumeX : 5 years ago
To everybody that played the game, took the time to entertain us with amazing creations, I salute you and to the winners may the awesomeness continue...
Mr. Voltron 5 years ago
Sweet! Thanks for hosting, had a blast and saw some rad entries...
ceroknight 5 years ago
At least I got a mention of one of my speeders! :-P
FirstInfantry PRO 5 years ago
Congrats to all! Very fun, and certainly brought out some nice entries.
eldeeem 5 years ago
Yay! I was amazed at the quality of many of the entires -- so I'm very surprised I placed. :D
.TheBricks 5 years ago
Fun stuff. I guess my speeder-building skills have much to improve on :\
ted @ndes PRO 5 years ago
It was as thrilling to read the results as it was to participate! I was pleasantly surprised to see my "23 Squidoo" bike win the CMF category (I really favored roguebantha's, as well as halfbeaks "fireball" ).

Thanks again to the judges and sponsors for hosting another great LSB contest, and all of the builders who entered and made this year's contest the best yet!
halfbeak PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by halfbeak (member) 5 years ago
A hugely enjoyable contest with many, many creative and skillful builds - thanks and respect to the organisers, judges, sponsors and all who participated!
JackJonespaw 5 years ago
Nice job, everyone!
Shannon Ocean PRO 5 years ago
Congrats to the winners and thank you to the organisers for another great speeder bike comp! I have a bike that I couldn't finish in time that I'll post someday soon.
Octopunk 5 years ago
Hot dang! By the skin of my teeth! I am quite honored; I wasn't sure how I would judge something so deliberately derivative (fortunately, I didn't have to).

Big thanks to the contest judges and supporters! And a special thanks to Keith for being such a good sport.

I also liked Alien Speeder Chase and Squidboy's First Hoverbike.

Great work everybody.
Carson Hart 5 years ago
Many great winners, congrats!
J Sam 5 years ago
Congrats to the winners! It was a fun competition! Thanks to the organizers too!
Lord Pappadhum 5 years ago
My only regret is for little squiddie (even if I didn't much like the bike, the vig was great) - other than that, congrats to everyone, they were really exceptional entries!
jophid 5 years ago
This was a fun build experience!
ZetoVince Posted 5 years ago. Edited by ZetoVince (member) 5 years ago
I'm amazed! Thanks guyz for the fantastic results i got! and congrats to all winners!
It was another massive and fully competitive LSB contest!
I had great time building along with trying to figure out what entry will prevail at the end!
It is one of the best lego contest around the web and i will definetely participate next year!
BrickJunky 5 years ago
Congrats to all the winners! Amazing builds and a great experience.
SPARKART! 5 years ago
Thanks for the contest and entertaining entries! Truly amazing creativity abounds around here.
4estFeller 5 years ago
Great contest, congrats to all the winners, all well deserved!
TheDarkblane PRO 5 years ago
Wow, where do I start ... first place in the vignette category ... that's awesome considering the standard of the other entries, especially La Villa Strangiato's where the concept and lighting were simply amazing.

I even got a special mention for my military entry, which was nice. My personal favourite in this category was Ted Andes' entry. The non-symmetrical rear half / weapon choices were great.

And now most importantly, thanks to the organizers / judges (you put a lot of effort into this contest and judging must have been a very difficult process) and the sponsors (very generous of you all and great to see multiple sponsors coming together for one contest).

Last, but not least, congratulations to the other winning entries and everyone else who entered. Fantastic contest, I look forward to the next one.
ted @ndes PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by ted @ndes (admin) 5 years ago
Thanks gents, and I do agree with you on Squidboy's speeder-bike... that's why when I tried it out in other vignettes, I kept thinking to myself, "this little thing really isn't all that great"... but then I thought it might be "awesome" through the eyes of a child getting it as their first bike... and "Voilà!"
Rogue Bantha PRO 5 years ago
Great contest, loads of brilliant and interesting entries.
Thanks to Coles and the rest of the judges/organisers for setting it up.
light2525 5 years ago
Great job everyone! Fantastic contest.
captainsmog PRO 5 years ago
Thanks so mutch for such a cool contest and bravo to all the builders:
you made fantastic creations!
I'm really happy and honoured to be part of the winners!

Don't forget to tell me for next year! ;-)
Jake RF 5 years ago
Great builds and congrat to the winners. Thanks for the contest.
BrickChef 5 years ago
it was a fun contest, congrats to the winner, and everyone else to.
mmb609 5 years ago
Great fun and Im already looking forward to the next one.
Aimless Pursuits 5 years ago
Congratulations to the winners! Great builds! And thanks to the mods for putting this together. It was fun!
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