Cole Blaq 4:45pm, 1 December 2010
Finally now it’s time for the next Speeder Bike fix.

This year’s contest slightly delayed ’cos of circumstances - house moving and noVVember.
But now with full effect and attention. December offers some free time for most of us, so I hope many can participate and enjoy the little intense builds.

Without further ado we proudly announce our second annual Speeder Bike Contest.


There are no real restricions, except that the MOC has to fit a minifig and of course should be a speeder bike.
It has to be a new creation. Adaptions of concepts are allowed but should be referenced. If adaption without reference will lead to disqualification. But of course we'd prefer to see new stuff.

Build whatever you want to, any theme, size, colouration.

Non-Lego parts allowed, sticker usage welcome, modified
parts are also welcome, but keep it to a decent level.

There are some great theme suggestions at THIS thread.
You may consider these great ideas when looking for inspiration.
BUT keep in mind that it should be a Speeder Bike and not a
hover car, spaceship, aeroplane or elswise. Basically a speeder bike is a motorcycle which can fly and therefore needes no wheels. There are enough examples for what qualifies as a speeder bike here in the photo pool.
Bonus points for hitting the nerve of what a Speeder Bike


31.12. 2010 // Midnight.

Submission and Q&A:

Q&A to this thread.
One clear shot of the speeder bike with the driver Here. Stands or edited photos are OK. You also may provide a link to a set with more shots from different angles and close-ups, which is totally up to you.

Unlimited entries, Mods are also allowed to enter, but will
be equally judged. Judges are also allowed to contribute to fire up things, but their submissions won’t qualify.


Aaron, Chief and Cole Blaq.


SBC-all by Cole Blaq

1st prize: Speeder Bike with Chrome Stormtrooper
2nd prize: 3 random sealed Minifigs from the Series 2
3rd prize: 1 random sealed Minifig from the Series 2

Special price for the most innovative concept.


We reserve the right to modify the terms of the contest.
Chiefrocker9000 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Chiefrocker9000 (moderator) 4 years ago
Entry Thread is now open for submissions.

Speeder Bike Contest 2010 "Entry Thread"

Louis K. 4 years ago
When is the deadline?
Chiefrocker9000 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Aaron (-_-) (moderator) 4 years ago
31.12. 2010
Louis K. 4 years ago
Thanks :)
_zenn 4 years ago
I'm in. =D
Johŋ 4 years ago
Woop woop ^__^
Ben Unleashed! 4 years ago
Sounds fun!
ƒernald 4 years ago
I'll do it.
Ribbitz 4 years ago
Does a Frog count as a minifig?
Cole Blaq 4 years ago

First thought was not really, but on second thought that's fine. If inspirations comes to you with a frog go for it.
Cole Blaq Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Cole Blaq (admin) 4 years ago
Also on second thought as most people are celebrating the 31st, deadline it one day later - 1st of Jan. 2011 - for those who like to do a last day hang-over build ;-)
Uspez 4 years ago
It'll be very interesting to see what will come from having no restrictions!
Freedom01 4 years ago
How many speeder bikes are we allowed to enter?
Aaron (-_-) 4 years ago
^As many as you feel inspired to build.
_zenn 4 years ago
Nice to see more and more speeders being build for the contest! :D

Weird that it isn't up on BB already, you would suspect so. Could we have a dicussion topic, like last contest btw?
Cole Blaq Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Cole Blaq (admin) 4 years ago
^ This the thread for all kind of discussion relating to the actual contest.

Good remark about TBB, they'll probably know about the contest regarding the many speeders coming up lately. We don't have to push things. Those who are interested will participate, this group has more than 300 members, no need for loud drums yet. But we might drop them editors a FM. cheers

Chiefrocker9000 4 years ago
It's the middle of December now, and we have some freat entries so far.
Keep up the good work!
legovaughan 4 years ago
I vote for a hangover day build extension - that could be quite entertaining.
ted @ndes Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ted @ndes (member) 4 years ago
Arterin 4 years ago
This looks like fun, I've been itching to build something for ages but each time I sit down to it I hit a wall of builders block(s). Something small like a few speeder bikes looks perfect!
TheWarden007 4 years ago
Oooo... I started to build, but the rules caught me. I planned to build a Frogspace speeder (fits only a frog - in a small aquarium), but "that the MOC has to fit a minifig" is what I see above.

So, no go for this concept in this contest? (I'll probably still build this for my own amusement.)
Cole Blaq 4 years ago
Read Ribbitz' question and the response earlier in this thread, there your question will be answered ;-)
TheWarden007 4 years ago
Thanks for the quick response. I did skim the replies, but somehow missed that!
(Digit) 4 years ago
Cool. My speeder's already done I just have to post it. :/
opallix 4 years ago
Oh man... I'm halfway through a bike, but I'll be lucky if I get enough time to photograph and post it before the new year.
CrazyBrıck 4 years ago
Oh crud, nevermind... deadlines.... AGGGGGHHHHH!!!!
Mr Craig Lyons. 4 years ago
I'm gonna have a go at this. I suppose I best get a jiggle on!!!
legovaughan 4 years ago
Uhhh, yes I know that ted_@ndes, why do you think I voted for a hangover build day extension too? It wasn't my suggestion, I was merely adding my vote to the cause.
ted @ndes Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ted @ndes (member) 4 years ago
Since Cole is running this contest, and he made the deadline change using his comment I linked, why would additional votes be needed after the fact? That is why I assumed you missed reading his comment.
legovaughan 4 years ago
Whatever dude. Yawnage.
zwray93 4 years ago
Official deadline is midnight tonight?
_zenn 4 years ago
Midnight Jan 1st
Commander Wolffe 4 years ago
^ I stand corrected.
opallix Posted 4 years ago. Edited by opallix (member) 4 years ago
Next time can we have a time zone included? I live in EST and was planning to photograph my completed entry in the next 45 minutes.

Ugh. Sorry, but I find this kind of lame, especially seeing as I spent quite a few hours on it that could have been spent on more productive work.


But whatever, I'll upload mine anyway.
Joshua Christenson 4 years ago
^Same thing happened to me.
opallix 4 years ago
It's difficult to describe exactly how pissed and sleep-deprived I am right now.

Here's the stupid set of my dead shit.
Cole Blaq 4 years ago
hi opallix and joshua,
next time we'll give the dealine with the timezone within the rules, so your entries may be eligable this time.
pls provide a link to your bike.
Cole Blaq Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Cole Blaq (admin) 4 years ago
hi opallix and joshua,
next time we'll announce the deadline with the precise timezone within the rules, so your entries may be eligible this time.
pls provide a link of your bike.
Joshua Christenson Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Joshua Christenson (member) 4 years ago
opallix Posted 4 years ago. Edited by opallix (member) 4 years ago
Yeah, I'd appreciate that for next time. Thanks.

If the entry proves eligible, then I'd prefer to be judged on this picture.

Screaming Eagle (main) by opallix
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