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meowhous the iconoclast PRO 5:14pm, 4 September 2008
The topic is dress code: NoshirtNoshoesNoservice, stuff people wear to work, etc.

Any photos are fine, but maybe include a little discussion.

Non-photo postings are good too.
I don't know if this is exactly the right place, but I received some unsolicited job ads in my email--this bit caught my eye:

* Must work at Safeway location in Pleasanton
* Work hours are 8am - 5pm (no overtime)
* Dress code for men: must wear dress shirt and tie Monday - Thursday

I guess I can wear whatevertheblank I want!!!

Mind you, this is for a Flash programming position and includes suggested skills such as being able to read storyboards (but the hours and dress code are required, which is odd for the greater Silicon Valley area). I'm guessing the location means Safeway's headquarters, not some supermarket.
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It's the right place since, afterall, you created the thread for that message. :)

How to tell it's not in a supermarket: Safeway dress code for courtesy clerks and cashiers says that stretch pants and stirrups are just fine, and you know how professional THAT looks. Or that was the case when I had friends working there in high school & college.

True, odd that there's a dress code for programming. And one only for guys. Friday must be Hawaiian Shirt Day, so if you want to go ahead and wear one, yeah.

When I worked at a call center for Key Bank, we had a business formal dress code. The idea was akin to how you're supposed to smile while you're on the phone -- because the professionalism transfers into your attitude so can be heard on the phone as well as shown as you function around the office. I think a suit of armor or a Kevlar vest would have been more appropriate, with the number of backstabbers that place had in management and supervision.

Usually when it comes to all other call centers I've been at, bank or technology, the de rigeur attire is a black t-shirt that proclaims one's Gothness ("so goth I shit bats" or "I'll wear black until a darker color comes out"), questionable hygiene and laundry skills, eczema behind the ears, and some token symbol that they are not limited to just one deity or sexual preference. That could be why I lost some of those jobs, I didn't fit that mold. :)
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