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TheDamnMushroom 12:29am, 29 March 2007
There was a post in I Hate Stupid People about an ABC News story (maybe it was the one I was requested clearance on?) about online shaming. I'd seen the print version. However, at the END of the video, Malingering's name is seen repeatedly (cameraman likely cruising her stream)... see it!
Adventures of Tintin 11 years ago
congrats! you and Malingering are now celebrities! may your viewers multiply!
Tequila&Donuts PRO 11 years ago
Wow! (I hate when people just post "Wow!") - but, Wow!

And it was nice and close up.
TheDamnMushroom 11 years ago
I didn't see anything of mine there... but along with Malingering's name under pictures, I saw CMRowell's name repeatedly. Way to go CMR!
cmrowell 11 years ago
Thanks for the heads up on this. Just set tivo to record it. I could watch the link provided, but I think I'd have to switch to a Windows computer.
bbdoyle PRO 11 years ago
thanks TDM!!

but to associate mal with that "don't date him" site is a bit disconcerting...shame may be a byproduct of mal's posts, but the original intent she has is one of observation of the world around her
wskrz PRO 11 years ago
Cool! And I know them! Closest thing to celebrity I'll ever get!

It's gonna get busy around here....
Malingering 11 years ago
just watched it with my mom, who is now disgusted with me
TheDamnMushroom 11 years ago
LOL, Mal!

I got home at 7:05 and the broadcast was like 6:50... Happily there was the online version.
bite-sized texture [deleted] 11 years ago
Awesome. Todd actually gave me herpes too.
wskrz PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by wskrz (member) 11 years ago
My cat got herpes from Todd as well.
TheDamnMushroom 11 years ago
I gave Todd those herpes.
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