unintelligiBill 3:18pm, 24 March 2007
I just noticed that I have been Banned from The We Hate Malingering Group. I guess defending Mal was an offense worth banning me for. LOL, I consider it an honor.
TheDamnMushroom Posted 11 years ago. Edited by TheDamnMushroom (admin) 11 years ago
You have been banned from the We hate Malingering group. You will not be able to rejoin this group unless a group administrator removes the ban.

Hmm, first time I've ever been banned from a group... and somehow I don't mind. :) I know what the problem was: I didn't hate enough.
unintelligiBill 11 years ago
@ TDM, I think our problem was we were too normal.
Malingering 11 years ago
I was banned too. I tried to be clear about my own self-hatred but it wasn't enough.
cmrowell 11 years ago
The group is gone now. A community guidelines violation, or does a certain someone no longer hate you? Maybe he made it private.

I was hoping he would leave the group. That usually makes the next member who was in it the longest the admin. Happened to me a couple of times. Of course, I quit those groups because I didn't want to be an admin.

In fact, as far as I can tell, there is no way to delete a group. I've been meaning to get rid of one of mine that failed, but the only thing you can do is quit it. If you are the last member and quit the group, it closes it.
Oh Joy! 11 years ago
There's a hate group for Malingering?
TheDamnMushroom 11 years ago
There was at one time, created by one of our favoritest members. But Flickr took away his spider superpowers and closed the group.
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