wskrz PRO 9:11pm, 31 January 2007
On the birth of their second son, Jeremy!!

And what a sweetie!!

Head on over to for best wishes and congratulations!!
And a darned cute baby!
bbdoyle PRO 11 years ago
lovely family, everyone in it...well deserved best wishes and congrats to cmr for placing the order and for peejay for doing all the hard work
Malingering 11 years ago
That's a good looking family. All the best.

With love,
ugly guly sucky suckerson bitch
cmrowell 11 years ago
Thanks so much. I hadn't checked this group in a while. Need to remember to do so. One of these days I'll upload a photo of me with the new baby. I realized there were none so far, but we've taken quite a few lately.
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