photo advice?

jayguevara 2:18am, 26 October 2006
How do you get pictures of people on the street without being noticed and capturing an annoyed look. I have a cheapo olympus point-and-shoot that isn't very fast, but is small. Do you just shoot without aiming and hope for the best?
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
Some people do that... Malingering has become adept at "from the hip" photography. Since most digital cameras nowadays have an LCD on the back, you can pretty much hold the camera in a position other than at your eye and no one will know you've shot unless the flash goes off. For me, getting the image framed with or without the viewfinder then looking off in some other direction while tripping the shutter reduces suspicion that I'm actually taking a picture.
wskrz PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by wskrz (member) 12 years ago
I walk around with my arms crossed and hold the camera in the hand that is under my elbow. That hides the camera somewhat, although it gets tricky if I'm wearing a jacket as that sometimes gets in the way. I turn off all the start up noises and shutter noise as well as the flash. I take a ton of pictures and see what I get when I get home.
jayguevara 12 years ago
Thanks for the ideas. I had some luck sitting at a sidewalk cafe and setting the camera on the table so it looks like I'm just fiddling with it.
jolly sofa [deleted] 12 years ago
I'd like to do more candid photography like Malingering and Wskrz, but I've pissed off more than one cop in this town, so I just don't do it. I'd like to just leave my camera on a table or hidden somewhere and program it to take pictures at intervals, but my little V603 camera doesn't have that feature. My P880 does, but I doubt I'll leave THAT camera sitting around.
cmrowell 12 years ago
Usually the only time I'm bold enough to take shots like this is when I know people are not looking. Sometimes I'll try to make it look like I'm reviewing photos in the lcd and not actually shooting. If my family is nearby, I'll make it look like I'm taking photos of them instead. That is where a wide angle lens comes in handy. People don't think that you actually have them in frame.
Crashworks 12 years ago
Zoom wide and preset your exposure when shooting from the hip -- the wide angle will make composition easier, since you stand a better chance of getting subject in the shot and can always crop later -- while setting your exposure in advance will avoid unfortunate surprises due to catching too much sky or pavement in the meter at the time you shoot.

It also helps if you have a camera small enough to palm before and after the shot. Think of it as sleight of hand. A keyhole-style configuration -- lens at one end of the body like a pendulum will be easier to vanish in this way.
Malingering 12 years ago
yeah, I do what wskrz does. keep the arms crossed. when people look at me in a suspicious manner, i hold their eye contact while i take the photo. then they're looking at my face and not the camera and i snap away. by the time they realize i have a camera, i've walked by. i don't think many people suspect you're shooting from the hip. though i must say in the past 3 months i've become much much more bold and i hold the camera up and look at the screen probably 30% of the time now. no one says anything. then again, it's LA, people like having their photo taken.
Karin Bultje 12 years ago
I shoot from the hip and do it fairly openly. I'll pick my subject from a distance and try to position myself as they come nearer. I've become really bold. So far I got slagged off once really badly. The funny thing is that for once I was actually really taking a picture of something else!
Malingering 12 years ago
same here! only times I've been yelled at (3 times) it was by people I wasn't even taking a photo of.
wskrz PRO 12 years ago
I had one guy notice me once and I wasn't taking a picture of him. But when he saw what I was trying to get a picture of, he laughed and got some other people out of the way too.
Adventures of Tintin 12 years ago
thanks for the tip. i will try shooting with arms crossed next time. so far i've been using my cell phone to take malingeringish pictures.
amused wave [deleted] 11 years ago
either get a good camera with nice zoom or...
go to the tourist spot in your town, and pretend to be taking pictures of the statues/monuments/buildings/other, while the chicks are standing between you and the object. Works pretty good for me.
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