DocUD 6:39pm, 23 October 2006
Mal, check this one out. For some strange reason (;-D), she reminded me of you.. In fact, she could be your doppelgänger (or you could be hers, I don't know which one), Muhahahaha...
wskrz PRO 12 years ago
Hey, Doc! Welcome back! Don't you owe us a report or something? :-)
DocUD Posted 12 years ago. Edited by DocUD (member) 12 years ago
Hey Wskrz, sure.. I will give you the report. It's a huge Powerpoint file though, not Flickr-friendly...

Btw, that conference went very well, several dozen people got to see Mal's ingenious work... and reflect on the growing power of customer communities, and marvel at the potent craft of renegade masterminds like Mal!
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
There are some significant differences between that doctor and this one. Mal snarks at strangers, not friends/former friends, and doesn't seem to sit there and grind an axe for months over one person... "fantasy" or not.
The Wombat~! 12 years ago
I used to come to flickr to post pics look for friends and learn about photography.. now the first thing I do every day is click this group and then go to the Mal pages. I am addicted to a skinny woman.. omg!!!!
DocUD 12 years ago
Me too.. This is a REAL fan club.
The Wombat~! 12 years ago
She rocks and when the people insult her you know they are the guilty ones. The ones that dress the kids like a hoochie. I am so damn glad I don't live near any of y'all because my woman is 350+ pounds and when she sees herself she sees a 120 woman and dresses accordingly. We would have our own group from you guys and gals. I love what you all do.. I think it is great. We sit and watch tv and look at your pages during commercials and just giggle our fat asses off. Everyone being different is in fact what makes the world go round but damn.. what good is it if no one points it out to the rest of us?

Keep On Clicking because this silly couple of Cosmic Jans and WelakaWombat aka Cosmic Wombat love what you all are doing.. even if it is sorta like us laughing at our own silly asses.
Malingering 12 years ago
hmmm. we did both go to yale. i wonder if that has anything to do with it.
cmrowell 12 years ago
Interesting article. I don't know what the legal definition of harassment or defamation is, but I assume you just have to be careful not to pick on one specific person in a personal manner too much. I don't think Mal's photos cross that line. If anything, she's the one being harassed like that.
BOCTAOE PRO 12 years ago
@Cosmic-Wombat - Hey, it is vitally important that we are all capable of laughing at our own silly asses. It's the ones who CAN'T that seem to cause all the trouble IMHO.

Bill S.
TheDamnMushroom 10 years ago
Okay, reviving this message topic even if it's a different theme...

Hardcore fans of Malingering know that there's a woman in her neighborhood who has a hoarding mental disorder, and every so often the city comes along with dumptrucks to empty out her back yard. Well, this link I just found in Flickr Central reminds me of Mal's garbage lady:

The World's Most Disgusting Apartment is in Houston

I like the pictures of the computer, totally covered with cigarette butts & ash, with a lighter on the numberpad.
Looks like some sort of art project. Why would anyone light that many cigarettes and then put them out immediately?
TheDamnMushroom 10 years ago
Chain-smoker with a short attention span? :)
Look In The Tunk PRO 10 years ago
Which reminds me of this:

[spoiler alert]

The lady got sent to a mental institution where she died a few months later from eating herself to death.
TheDamnMushroom 10 years ago
Amazing... Thanks.

For ease of use... death notice | aftermath
Look In The Tunk PRO 10 years ago
I don't think any family members ever "Recovered" her.
TheDamnMushroom Posted 10 years ago. Edited by TheDamnMushroom (admin) 10 years ago
She had to have gone somewhere, even if it was into whatever system that location has for the indigent. She had plenty of friends who could have gone to the funeral, though I can imagine that some (out of respect) would not want to say much in a eulogy... "From meeting her, I will never be the same. Or get my damage deposit back. d'oh!"
joshhikes PRO 7 years ago
TheDamnMushroom Posted 7 years ago. Edited by TheDamnMushroom (admin) 7 years ago
But would Mal wear those? :-D
TheDamnMushroom Posted 6 years ago. Edited by TheDamnMushroom (admin) 6 years ago
It was about time someone created this group:

Dogs In Strollers
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