TheDamnMushroom 9:08am, 13 October 2006
Today I got to work, fired up the browser, and hit my bookmark for A Bad Sign... and got the proxy's no-can-do screen. Other coworkers got the same result, either at the time or an hour later. Flickr is blocked! What the fuck am I gonna do for 9 hours a day?

(It's an inbound call center, tech support for dildos -- er, Blackberries and Bluetooth headsets -- so most of us are able to take calls in our sleep, and do. Flickr has been keeping my brain on life support, and the same is true for a few other people who were rather miffed.)

So if I seem less responsive to pix, it's because I'm suddenly unable to snark as I did from 11am to 10pm, and have dialup at home. I am here, somewhere.
dann o_O 12 years ago
youuuuuuu gottaaaaaaa wooooooooork! :D
Karin Bultje 12 years ago
Well it's Friday the 13th after all. What did you expect? *blessed herself with broadband at home"
calicojane 12 years ago
Try the mirror site:
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
Not going to help, because they have * blocked -- so unless you have one that does NOT have "flickr" as the domain name, I'm still out in the cold.
Zervas 12 years ago
TDM, I also do tech support and flickr while doing so. They can't block flickr at my work because one of our main products is photo manipulation software and we need to access flickr once in a while. I'll ask around about any non flickr named mirror sites.
Matt Fitzwater-Stevens Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Matt Fitzwater-Stevens (member) 12 years ago
There are "open proxy servers" available on the Net. These are servers, not blocked by standard firewalls, which can relay your requests for information to Flickr. Presto! You're using Flickr, but your firewall just sees you accessing some random server. (Until, of course, IT updates its filters to reflect the latest open proxy server list. Bear in mind that, if it's serious about its blocking, your management will be pissed that you're attempting to circumvent its policies.)

Use a Google search to find a list of the current open proxy servers.

(Note: Edited to improve the technical explanation.)
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
Matt: The company blocked the proxy sites before it blocked the places one would want to go to through them. ;-)

Plus it's a nonissue anymore... I'm no longer behind their firewall.
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