Matt Fitzwater-Stevens 9:29am, 5 September 2006
I thought that, after a year-and-a-half, my friendly headshot icon was getting a bit tired. So, I went to work on a new one.

What I came up with might be cool. On the other hand, it might be self-consciously uber-cool, complete with the cliches of black-and-white, an all-seeing eyeball* and subtle Photoshopping. I honestly don't know.

You guys are honest and reasonably hip. Above all, you hate being too cool for school, which is what I want to avoid. So, let's hear it:


*apologies to Emerson
BOCTAOE PRO 12 years ago
Visine dude. Works every time. ;-D

Seriously, I think that would certainly stand out on a page. Worth considering.

Bill S.
wskrz PRO 12 years ago
Very cool and slightly evil looking. Go for it.
Zervas 12 years ago
I don't really like it as a full sized picture but it seems to work as an icon
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
Works for me. They named late-night flights after this photo. :)
Karin Bultje 12 years ago
I think for me it would work better in plain B&W
Kittster 12 years ago
I think you think too much.
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
Matt Fitzwater-Stevens 12 years ago
I think you think the icon stays. Thanks, guys--including Malingering, whose fan site I temporarily hijacked for this.

And yeah, I think too much. It's a lifelong vice, which I've stuck with because it's more benign than most. :-P
Viewmaker 12 years ago
I like the idea that it's exactly the sort of thing a quick run through Photoshop is supposed to eliminate. Very defiant.
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