Vidalia 8:40pm, 18 August 2006
Why don't you help her get a new camera? She's broke. Malingering, why don't you give the address of your / set up a Paypal account?

Send her a dollar. You know you've gotten a dollar's worth of laughter (at least) from the speedo guy.

...just sayin.
DocUD 12 years ago
I agree.. Count me in!
hexodus... PRO 12 years ago
tell me where to send it
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
The karma is there.
I'm always broke--but I could always skip my vending machine snacks for a day.

However, $335 will not buy much of a camera. Particularly if you want a spare battery and a bigger storage card.
Vidalia 12 years ago
you can get a spare battery with a grey market charger for $12.00 including shipping on ebay.
you can get a HUGE 1GB card on Amazon for 39 bucks.

A Canon powershot S50, S60 is a hell of a camera for around 200 bucks, almost functioning like a little slr.

....and it's not like she's taking photos like this:

...she's taking photos like this:
and this...

so, i'd say not to get discouraged by the $335 limit...although i suspect she'd get more.
peggy. 12 years ago
I bought a Canon S2 IS -- which MIGHT be large for the stealth photographer that she is :) But it was (a few months ago) on for only $350.

Vidalia, where are you finding an S50? I wanted another and didn't find it at the time.
Vidalia 12 years ago
Malingering Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Malingering (admin) 12 years ago
i went to paypal but i don't know how to set up an account. i am dumb.

i would feel guilty taking money from you guys. seriously.
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
You got through med school yet you can't track the directions on PayPal? :-D
DocUD 12 years ago
You shouldn't feel guilty. Check out these sites.

Both write well-liked, popular blogs and earn a living doing that. While that might be extreme in your case, there is no harm in letting your audience pay for your camera. After all, you are generating content which is of value to them.
monkeyjunkie PRO 12 years ago
Hey, I'll willingly donate a few bucks to The Cause!
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