cmrowell 4:11pm, 16 August 2006
I noticed people uploading a lot of these images latetly. I think it would be perfect for Malingering. What would be her top 8 items to put on notice?

Sausage casing girls
Crocs,uggs,cowboy boots
Askew caps
Fake boobs
Tramp stamps, pube tats
Visible thongs
Bad parking, Gasholes

I'd create an image in honour of Malingering using the site below, but I'm in the middle of my spring garden flower uploads, and it might look a little strange.

And wow, didn't know there was so much discussion going on in this group elsewhere on the message boards. I'll have to catch up.

Oh, and thanks for putting my Vegas floozy shot into Explore. This was the only group I posted it to.
Matt Fitzwater-Stevens Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Matt Fitzwater-Stevens (member) 12 years ago
Don't forget "asswriting." And "pro-anorexia evangelists."
cmrowell 12 years ago
I was just coming back to add asswriting. It was early when I wrote the first message and I hadn't had my Malingering fix yet.

I don't know if I like the whole on notice thing anyway. Almost too popular now.
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
Men wearing far too little clothing, especially if they're oiled up and wear a tiny swimsuit and carry exercise/athletic everywhere. :)
Mwah ha hahhahahaha:

:) :)

(Okay, I still haven't gone downtown proper. It's been too hot! It's hotter there! Working up to it, but we've got postholes to dig this weekend so that er bolder people than I can indulge in horseplay.)
The Wombat~! 12 years ago
No one ever notices me ! Kicks dirt and walks away all hurted
Viewmaker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Viewmaker (member) 12 years ago
"You're On Notice" is okay and isn't too passe just yet, but every time I hear it, I think back to Ben Affleck's character, Chuckie, in Good Will Hunting:

You're suspect. I don't know what your reputation is,
but after the shit you tried to pull
today, you can bet I'll be looking
into it. Any conversations you want
to have with me heretofore, you can
have with my attorney. Gentlemen,
keep your ears to the grindstone.

That's one of my favorite movie lines...but it's not even my favorite in that movie. My favorite "line" in that movie is Will Hunting's run-on explanation of what it might be like to work for the NSA.
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