Crashworks 3:14am, 13 August 2006
... her pictures finally convinced me to come to my senses and get the hell out of this so-called city. Gah! Why walk around burning my eyeballs with this, this, or this when I could have this, this, and this instead? Thank you Mal for opening my eyes!

Incidentally does anyone in the Santa Monica area want to buy an IKEA double-size bed before August 18th?
TheDamnMushroom Posted 12 years ago. Edited by TheDamnMushroom (admin) 12 years ago
Mr.Crash: So you're moving to Seattle? (Gawd, not another Californian moving up here... hehehe!) Trust me, while there's plenty of the stuff you culled wandering Pike Place Market and the clubs, there's plenty of Malingering-variety nonsense here too... just flip through some of the photos by myself or Librarianguish or BikeTourist for proof.

I love Malingering because... I have no doubt that others beside me think the world is a rediculous place, but not enough of them are vocal about it. There's a difference between laughing along when someone else points, and doing the pointing.
Kittster 12 years ago
I love Malingering because I feel understood when I see her pictures.
SoyJames 12 years ago
I love Malingering because I never laugh so goddamn hard when I read all the comments. I need to stop browsing her stream at work I'm gonna get fired...
meowhous the iconoclast PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by meowhous the iconoclast (admin) 12 years ago
SoyJames, we just need to come up with a job where we're supposed to be browsing all those photos and comments...
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
Heh, nice set of Seattle linkies, Meow. :-D I am probably not supposed to browse so much but it's one way to stay sane while taking calls.
gd09335 12 years ago
I love Malingering because she reminds me what all of the US Government folk over here are really trying to protect from the Mad Mullahs.
The freedom to make bad fashion choices, the absence of
good manners and common sense, really are what makes the US great among nations!
TheDamnMushroom 12 years ago
"Oh, Abdulla... that burqua SO does not go with that sarong! I can see your pink thong and ass-horns when you kneel to pray from across the mosque..."
wskrz PRO 12 years ago
TDM, I just about spewed my mouthful of beer across the room laughing at your comment! Damn you! ;-)

I love Malingering because after a day of changing poopy diapers, saying "no" for the fifteen thousandth time, singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" a little more often than I've been saying "no" and not having much intelligent adult conversation thoughout the day, a good laugh (or flame war) is just the salve that I need.
menthol pug 12 years ago
i love Malingering because seeing people dressing like morons is just alot of fun...not to mention the moronic arguments which they often incite. keep it up, Malingering!
Matt Fitzwater-Stevens 12 years ago
I love Malingering because the world just doesn't have enough ass floss. She brilliantly has harnessed the Internet to create the world's first real-time, online brokerage for ass floss, balancing demand with LA's oversupply.

One day, she'll be a Harvard B-School case study.
cmrowell 12 years ago
I couldn't write code without her. Having her photo stream to glance over at is just what I need whenever I get stuck on something. Besides, it beat reading the same yahoo news headlines over and over again.
dansyndrome 12 years ago
...all of the above, plus the occasional cleavage shots ;) Thanks, Malingering
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