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The ones that got away

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I was in the car this afternoon, stopped at a light. I looked to the right and saw a couple of women walking to the bus stop t the corner. Both wore tank tops, bandannas over their hair, and pajama pants. When they reached the stop, they met up with two guys, both wearing wife beaters and... pajama pants! One of the guys had his flannel pants pulled down low enough to show off the top half of his tighty-whiteys. And, to make sure we had the best view possible of his underwear, his shirt was tucked into the waistband. Of his underwear.

While I was still reeling from the fashion disaster, they started goofing around and one guy hugged tighty-whiteys and gave him a good butt squeeze. I was about to get my camera out of my purse to at least get a group photo, but a car pulled up into the lane next to me and blocked my view completely.

Pity. It would have been a classic shot for this group.
7:15PM, 2 July 2006 PDT (permalink)

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