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Maurizio Contini ADMIN June 1, 2010
Next Contest is coming!

Group Description

Time is always less but once I join a group I try to take care of my membership. How? Posting my pictures and voting.
Yes, I like very much when someone votes or comments my pictures. I'm sure people I vote is happy to see that I appreciated his/her picture.

It takes to me maximum 2 minutes to vote 5 people. This is my stategy:

1) I select and copy the code for the Award.
2) I open the page with the photos of the group.
3) I click with the mouse right-button on the thumbnails I like and I open each one in a new tab. I open 5, 6, 10 pictures!

4) I paste the code I copied in the comment spaces and while waiting the page send my comment, I paste the code in the other comment pages.
5) When I've finished I close all the open tabs I don't need anymore.

2 minutes... no more! ...and the Flickr's world can go on. Fortunately, the one that votes more, the more visibility has.

Group Rules

On this group we just want pictures regarding the world. No fashion portrait as well as nudity.

Even if in medium size, hi-quality pictures are required (To be printable in the book, we probably will require you a picture that will be at least 1200px).

Each month we are going to set up a printable book with your selected pictures.
For the selection there will be a jury that will select the best shots: Jury will consider different things other than awards obtained by the pictures. It will permit a more accurate selection.


This book is done only to see our pictures in a different contest.
This idea grew with the intention to permit users to enjoy their pictures as in a book.
NO MONEY is behind the scenes! I'm not selling this book. It's free!
I'm working for (and with) you just to reach something that hardly will come.

If you think that this group will "steal your soul" or something like that... PLEASE KEEP OUT!

The book as well as the contest are only a part of this game. Worldbook group was only born to permit people to see their shots in a book.

No-adeguate pictures will be removed.

Enjoy....and respect the world!

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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