J.T.R. PRO 11:35pm, 13 August 2012
Jason R. 5 years ago
This is terrific. I've watched it so many times just to see how Joel twitches and dives around and generally works the street around him. Plus it's one of the few youtube photography vids that lasts more than a few minutes.
I was lucky enough to see him recently at The Photographers Gallery in London. What a charming charming man!

On the subject of street youtube vids, the Chris Weeks trilogy is worth a look (even though it'a bit "Leica love").
alexdietrich 5 years ago
that's awesome! cheers for the link. I've only seen a newish one from him.

Can't wait for the Eliott Erwitt documentary.
amjamjazz 5 years ago
Is this the interview where he discusses the importance of context, and the related benefits of the rangefinder over the SLR?
J.T.R. PRO 5 years ago
Jason R: Cool-you met Joel!!!
Jason R. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Jason R. (member) 5 years ago
I did! He was giving a talk at the SPG a few weeks back. I got there early and had a copy of one of his books in my bag. He walked into the reception with his wife and publisher from Phaedon (his new Pheadon release "Taking my time" was imminent).

I scampered over to him. We had a brief chat and he signed my book with a short message. SUCH a nice guy and so generous with his time -before the talk he took a lot of time to roam around the room chatting briefly with the seated guests. He seemed to really want to connect with us all - always putting his hand on a shoulder or squeezing an arm etc etc.
Quite an evening.
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