Compound Eye PRO 6:03pm, 18 April 2012
Hi, does anyone know which Water Tower this might be? It's from a UK publication from the Cement & Concrete Association, so hopefully it is native -

This is Concrete (06)

ALSO, does anyone know of a good book with LOTS of WT pictures in it? I like the fiercely modernist ones that range from the Cornetto variety to the Parked UFO type [as above]. Thanks for any recommendations, even out-of-print ones as I regularly search for and collect old books.
Pye Master 3 years ago
It's Tadley water tower in Berkshire (SU 582 628). It was built in 1975 at a cost of £271,000 and holds 750,000 gallons.

Hilla and Bernd Becher's book "Wassertürme" available in English (ISBN 026202277X) has loads of photographs of water towers. Barry Barton's book "Water Towers of Britain" (ISBN 0904685128) has 83 photographs and diagrams.

There is also the web site of the British Water Tower Appreciation Society
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