ssugiya1 10:55pm, 24 January 2015
Data:Nikon FE2 Ais Nikkor 35mm f1.4. Adox CMS20 @ISO6 with 1.6 g/0.33l Sodium Carbonate, 0.33 g/0.33l Phenidone, 100mg/0.33l VitC, 22centigrade. 8min, invert continuously 30sec. then 2x at 60sec, 2min, 4min, and 6min. Fuji variograde paper.
Yesterday I shot my first roll of Adox CMS20 at ISO6 and developed with one of the formulas given by Giolotto whom is in this group. The tones came out nicely with details retained in both highlights and shadows. Printing was at paper grades 1.0-2.5 which I think is acceptable with copy film. The problem was that developing was very uneven and you can see swirl-patterns in the highlights, which might be expected with the minimal agitation that was used to keep contrast low as possible. With the next roll I guess I will try, agitation every 60sec instead of 120 secs. Generally speaking, are 2 slow inversions sufficient for a round of agitation or should I do more? I have 1 roll of film in a half full 2-roll tank.
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