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Adotech II Dilution rate?

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triebensee says:

I'm getting ready to shoot my first rolls of CMS 20 in 120mm and 35mm and am somewhat confused about Adotech II dilution rates.

- bottle label indicates "1+14 = 33ml +467ml of water for 2 films"
- Adotech II "Developing Instructions" indicate "Dilution: 1+29"
- CMS 20 data sheet for "other tanks" indicates "300ml from 16,5 ml of concentrate"

I develop in a Paterson Super System 4 tank that takes up to 3 35mm reels.

And, when developing 2 rolls of film, is it correct that the working solution (eg: 500ml for 2 films) can be used once for each film, since Adox recommends developing one film at a time? In other words, should I re-use the solution for the second film without any alteration of it?

Many thanks for any advice.
5:07AM, 7 March 2015 PDT (permalink)

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