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OrangUtanSam ADMIN August 24, 2011
Dear group members... YOUR SHOTS ARE AMAZING!
What a nice collection this is becoming.

Group Description

A collection of:
People reading newspapers...
Ways of reading a newspaper...
Situations of newspaper reading...
Not books, letters, manuals, menucards or signboards... just NEWSPAPERS!

We create an opportunity for future generations to see what this was all about... Unfortunately they will have to do with this, as the sounds of pages being turned and papers folded, the smell of a nice freshly printed paper and the comfort of having these private moments of getting to know more or just dwelling, hidden behind a screen of paper, will be gone forever... Or will it?

Join the discussion: "Will printed newspapers survive? Or will electronic media replace them altogether"?

Group Rules

This group shows PEOPLE reading NEWSPAPERS:
Do printed newspapers have a future?
This group is NOT about reading books, comics, wine lists and menus, manuals, signboards or even minds... just newspapers

This group does NOT like:
-Fantasy leaning toward kitsch or direct manipulation of motives
-Heavy use of textures (where they don't fit)
-Pretentious & contrived imagery i.e. cliche's.
-Try to keep it nice and clean... and after that:
Become a group member, enjoy the group & be Creative and invite others!

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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