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  • Erica,xx

    Hope its ok to put my photos of my 2 your group. We only have Blossom no...

    carlene byland18 months ago0 replies

  • what are you most terrified of?

    i'm scared stiff of magotts and nits. they are soooooooooooo hirrible!!!!

    chocolate201535 months ago1 replies

  • cdbmngb

    who has seen batman begins? i have, i love batman and i love bats, who else does...

    ¤madcam¤75 months ago2 replies

  • how many pets have u had?

    i have had 3 fish, 1 cat, and 2 rats, pepper has gone recently but i will get a ...

    ¤madcam¤94 months ago25 replies

  • Fireworks - Keep your pets safe

    Wow.... there are some really adorable photos on here. I just wanted to remin...

    Rat Snapper97 months ago0 replies

  • where did you get your pet?

    Where did you get your pet? While doing a book signing fundraiser at our loca...

    ihadapet111 months ago0 replies

  • Important: VIVISECTION!

    The directive on vivisection: AN EUROPEAN SHAME (the above picture is not mine and belongs to Leal). I was waiting for 2013...

    | Les Hirondelles |112 months ago0 replies

  • animal cruelly treated need help- baby chimp hit across head

    baby chimp hit across head, chimps chased with machines and forced to sleep on ...

    frequent pets114 months ago0 replies

  • Hope for Paws

    Hope for Paws.. This morning I have discovered Hope for Paws

    outstanding hat119 months ago0 replies

  • The Mass Killing of Wildlife for Your Burger, Cheese, and Leather

    "Winter holidays are upon us, so what gift is the government willing to give the...

    Vegan Butterflyages ago0 replies

  • Lets Save The Planet....spread the word,Please!!!

    Hi to everyone my name is Elisabetta, i am just a normal girl leaving in this P...

    TheBitzages ago3 replies

  • new member

    I have just come to Flickr and I really don't know much about what to do. But I ...

    charming slipages ago5 replies

  • what l love about cats

    well l have noticed cats sure like to hug your leg when they try to get your att...

    necessary giraffeages ago0 replies

  • Dangerous Flea & Tick Products

    A news report on dangerous flea & tick products:

    Vegan Butterflyages ago0 replies

  • In praise of ferrets

    Happiness is ferret shaped!

    Little Merlin & Wizzie Fuzzybuttages ago0 replies

  • animal lover mom

    hi, new to group i now have a small pony & also 2 great dane which are nearlly...

    six carsages ago0 replies

  • Wow, this group seems pretty dead.

    If when I created this group as madcam looked into the future and saw the group ...

    Cameron A Williamson.ages ago0 replies

  • what

    what is your fav animal

    ¤madcam¤ages ago3 replies

  • game

    i got this out off another group i'm in, lets make a story but do it on an anima...

    ¤madcam¤ages ago3 replies

  • what is

    the type ove animal u really want? I want a great dane dog and chickens!

    ¤madcam¤ages ago1 replies

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