Loewenhertz 12:44pm, 17 April 2006
Really made me laugh when I saw that someone had changed the description of the admins into Berliners and the not yet promoted members into Zugezogenes ;-) Good one, hehe!! Makes us all feel just like home herre.

But aren't most of us Zugezogenes anyway? At least I am. What 'bout u?
fuzziwuzzi Posted 12 years ago. Edited by fuzziwuzzi (member) 12 years ago
i was born in west-berlin and still living here since then ... ;)
You are true Loewenhertz
"The Berliner" is identikal with "Zugezogene"... ;O)
Loewenhertz 12 years ago
True? There must be "The Real Berliner" out there like Miklas maybe - but I'm not (yet). Born and raised in good old tiny Switzerland.
tilde~ 12 years ago
i also was born in West-Berlin, call myself a Insulaner .-)
SBSTNGRSS PRO 12 years ago
i'm origin ... so "The Berliner" is native "Berliner Dialekt"-speaking ;) and not "Zugezogene" ;)

with a smile bastian
frontalberlin 12 years ago
sorry zugezogen...
Spreewälder Gurke halt...
fbz_ 12 years ago
born in california, lived in california, nyc, paris, now berlin. citizen of the world so definitely not a native berliner.
sophisticated walk [deleted] 12 years ago
"zugezogener" from the "zonenrandgebiet" resp. from the north.. but do berlin-roots count?
frontalberlin 12 years ago
@fabz: a citizen of the world is a half "Berliner" ;-)
"Vor Gott sind eigentlich alle Menschen Berliner"/
Infront of God all Man are Berliners"
(Theodor Fontane)

turbosatellit 12 years ago
zugezogenes deichkind. born in a meltin pot called papenburg. 12 years ago
heimat bleibt heimat. born in berlin.
to]{i 12 years ago

... *made in Italy 1979*
extranoise PRO 12 years ago
Ick bin ein Münchner. Vater Berliner, Mutter Eberswalderin. Aber zu Hause fühl ich mich seit 1979 nur hier in Berlin.
nerd2000 12 years ago
Mein Opa ist in Berlin geboren.
Meine Mutter ist in Berlin geboren.
Mein Vater ist in Berlin geboren.
Mein Bruder ist Berlin geboren.
Natürlich bin auch ich in Berlin geboren.

Wer bietet mehr?
mcsonix 11 years ago
Im moment noch zugezogener.
Erkennbar daran, dass der gelbe Stern neben meinem Namen fehlt :-(
zonenschwabe 11 years ago
ich bin nicht aus berlin ich bin berlin! :-) nun mein name sagt doch eigentlich alles oder?
uv-b 10 years ago
zugezogener from northern bavaria (spessart) - and i want a star too...
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Maybe the first one is Touristen, moderators are Zugezogener.
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