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Thanks everybody for the great quality submitted everyday to the pool. Steve and I work hard to make this group a success. So far we had to deny only a few images, as they didn't fit to the rest. Please don't take a refusal personal, as it is a subjective decision of the moderators.

Another thing: Medium/Large format is everything bigger than 35mm full format. An APS-C size SLR or any 35mm SLR is not. No gear pics and no almost monochrome color images please! Sorry, but these are the rules.

Group Description

There are Flickr groups celebrating medium format, large format, digital, film, black and white, and most combinations of the above. I have yet to find one that celebrates the intersection of medium/large format digital/film monochrome. This one does.

Isn't there something exceptional about the film and/or digital results that we achieve by lugging around huge cameras when others are rattling off "nice" images with their 5-ounce wonders? I believe there is. Further, doesn't magic happen when we "force" our viewers to accept an altered reality by rendering everything in shades of gray? I think so. If you believe it too, you have to help me prove it.

If you submit your best "proofs" that these premises are true, then we will gladly accept you for membership. If not, then there are thousands of other groups for you...

One last thing--PLEASE limit your brand name dropping to those comments that are absolutely necessary to explain your methods or your limitations. NO CAMERA WEENIE TALK HERE. Thanks.


Group Rules

1. Absolutely NO photographs which were not made using AT LEAST medium format film (usually 120 or 220 film) or a digital camera with a sensor that is larger than a FULL-FRAME DSLR sensor.
2. Film users MUST provide high-quality scans and full technical information for their original work. Digital shooters needn't do so because metadata covers most of this information anyway.
3. Absolutely NO commercial self-promotion!

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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