Indy Photo Coach 11:18pm, 24 October 2012
Assignment: Photographing Children
    Dancing Queen
      Photo by: radarbrat

Children are fun and cute and move fast and that can make getting a nice photo of them extremely difficult, but I do have a few tips for slowing them down.

  •  Put them in some nice light and give them something to do- a toy or a pencil...whatever.
  •  Have them stand behind a table or sit in a chair
  •  Don't make them look at the camera all the time, but sometimes say their name and see if they look up and grin.
  •  Be patient and shoot a lot- the perfect shot might be #58.

So find a child, any child and see what sort of cute shots you can get this week. If they'll wear a cape or a tiara...all the better!

By Stacy Newgent for Indy Photo Coach
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Denise Lundy PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Denise Lundy (member) 6 years ago
ColoringI used on camera bounce flash.
Denise Lundy PRO 6 years ago
Cutie pieThis was taken in my garage studio using a white seemless paper backdrop, a studio light pointing straight at the backdrop that was attached to my garage door opener track near the ceiling to get the color pure white, and two soft boxes on the subject.
PicsByLesa 6 years ago

My favorite photo subject is my long as she's still willing to smile for the camera.
PicsByLesa 6 years ago

Enjoying the leaves at Eagle Creek
PicsByLesa 6 years ago

I like to get photos when she doesn't realize I'm taking them.
PicsByLesa 6 years ago

From a recent photo shoot. Too cute.
photowalkr 6 years ago
katie_flohr 6 years ago
katie_flohr 6 years ago
Kristal*Sky 6 years ago
Kristal*Sky 6 years ago
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Susan McKenna
Dave Danz 6 years ago
Deep In Thought
Dave Danz 6 years ago
Kisses for a quarter
moostang78 6 years ago
Gotta Love Red Heads
What is this cold, wet, stuff??001logo
Ella P 5 years ago
Let It Snow!
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Metamora_2012-12-15 011
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chrispysmithusa1 5 years ago
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Fiesta Indianapolis 1
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Ashley's Countryside Photos Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Ashley's Countryside Photos (member) 5 years ago
Happy boy
Kristal*Sky 5 years ago
Ginger Snap
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