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A pool for Vic Viper inspired starfighters from the Gradius games. (Let's just keep it to one image per model, ok?)


  • STICKY  NoVVember Map

    VicViper Maps for easy access - // EDIT: It would be nice if there would b...

    Lee H. Mee8 months ago11 replies

  • STICKY  Novvember 2018 - 10 years!

    By my calculations, 2018 marks the tenth year of Novvember!!! Let’s do this th...

    Buster®9 months ago44 replies

  • STICKY  Qualifications?

    Not that I'm picky... anything with even a passing resemblance will do. But I th...

    nnenn23 months ago45 replies

  • commercials Accounts

    hi there, maybe it should be a little more difficult to join this group, because...

    Mr_Minotaurus33 hours ago0 replies

  • Nnovvember 2017

    Yes, it's still a thing! Post your Viper shots for the Nnovvember 2017 map/p...

    pasukaru7621 months ago71 replies

  • Nnovvember 2016

    It's that time again, so are we celebrating this year? If so, here's my first...

    Harding Co.33 months ago66 replies

  • Vikavolt

    New pokemon looks rather familiar.

    Proudlove38 months ago1 replies

  • Nnovvember 2015

    It's that time of the year again! Post your Viper shots for the Nnovvember 20...

    pasukaru7645 months ago106 replies

  • The "Rules" Tell All

    Or: Why what you think you know about how Nate and I ran this group when he was...

    peterlmorris46 months ago41 replies

  • NnoVVember 2015 anyone?

    As title says... are we going to celebrate this year as well?

    Wiseman_Lego46 months ago4 replies

  • Nnovvember 2014

    It is on! Post your Viper shots for the Nnovvember 2014 map/poster in this th...

    pasukaru7658 months ago146 replies

  • Nnovvember 2013

    Nnovvember 2013 Logo Now that November is here, this can be our official thread for posting our V...

    DW Studios - MI70 months ago221 replies

  • NoVVember is here...

    So? Are we in?

    Novvember by nnenn

    Wiseman_Lego70 months ago118 replies

  • VV Design Question

    Whenever I see the list of things that constitutes a legitimate "Vic Viper" buil...

    BattleGorilla70 months ago1 replies

  • Vic Viper in Mass Effect

    The newest trailer for ME3 features a squadron of very VV-esque fighters, albeit...

    [Carter]70 months ago9 replies

  • Second Free Online Instructional Course

    Salamander (Part 1 of a Second Free Online Instructional Guide) by peterlmorris
    8-bit Days (Part 2 of a Second Free Online Instructional Guide) by peterlmorris
    Vic Vipers (Part 3 of a Second Free Online Instructional Guide) by peterlmorris
    I meant to post these earlier and just sort of forgot about it. T...

    peterlmorris70 months ago7 replies

  • Novvember 2012

    The month of the Vic Viper is upon us. Please post your Viper Shots here if you ...

    pasukaru7682 months ago283 replies

  • Off topic, but on topic...

    The original Gradius Game is up for sale on the Nintendo 3DS Eshop for 5 Dollars...

    Robo-Knight83 months ago0 replies

  • Gradius Intro Redux

    I figured I should share this with you people. Someone did an incredible 3D Redu...

    SHARPSPEED93 months ago1 replies

  • Novvember 2011

    Hey everybody, it's almost that time again! Now, I hope we all know that ther...

    peterlmorris94 months ago225 replies

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