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Just Back ADMIN May 1, 2010
May 1, 2010: Images submitted to this group that have no context will be deleted. DO NOT submit images of plants without including some obvious connection to the processes involved in the study of plant systematics.

Group Description

This group is for images of anything that relates to the science of "systematic botany"...what we used to call "botanical taxonomy." Unfortunately, the word "botany" has fallen into considerable disfavor among many modern university programs (such as mine) because it isn't scientific enough. Or whatever. Further, the word "taxonomy" is sort of on the short end of the stick academically, I think, and with unfortunate consequences.

Nevertheless, there remains a HUGE need for basic botanical studies, especially those involving herbarium-related activities. For instance, many ecological studies, and most (nearly all?) molecular studies pay little attention to basic plant identification (for instance, relying, if I may pick on the Arabidopsologists for a moment, wondering about the common notion that everything that is called "Arabidopsis thaliana" [or Lycopersicon, or Nicotiana, etc. etc.]is properly you guys really know how many species of Arabidopsis there are??), and the need for careful vouchering of critical plant materials (OK, as in in a legitimate HERBARIUM, and not in of those home-made scrapbooks. Don't get me started!!!).

So, in the absence of a group devoted explicitly to the science of plant taxonomy, this group has been invented. Aspects of basic morphological studies, inventory/floristics, molecular studies, pollination studies, chemical/biochemical research, reproductive/breeding system investigations, and also cladistic, phenetic, or "numerical research" are most welcome as submitted images. Algae, bryophytes, "pteridophytes" s.l., gymnosperms, angiosperms all welcomed. (Fungi are OK too, although they really aren't plants. I mean, come on!) Please provide enough text to indicate that your image really does apply to scientific study of plant taxonomy.

DO NOT SUBMIT images of plants for identification. They will be deleted.

Vivat Linnaeus!

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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