bluebuffalo 4:44am, 3 October 2006
I started this group a year ago or so and it seems to have gotten quite a following. I would like to hear from some members about where you are from. And what has attracted you to tattooing.
Bebop Bon 10 years ago
Im from manila, any other asians here? just wanted a new addiction to get over an old one...
Quirkygrl16 7 years ago
I'm from florida. I only have one but I love it.
mikesteve1 7 years ago
from the uk and was in my midi 50s when i had first tattoo now have 9 and want more
smokernikki 7 years ago
I'm in my mid 50's. I have liked tattoos since I was in my teens. I got my first for my 50th birthday....much to my husband's surprise and delight. I have had a couple more since as birthday presents. I feel quite empowered by my ink and think many middle aged women would benefit from their own tattoo, even if is "secret".
VooDooOne 6 years ago
I started getting tattooed when I was 38. I knew I always wanted one since I was 16. I'm now 45 with three complete, one in process and one more still planned. I consider my tatts as a story on my body of where I have been and where I"m going. Benchmarks of my life. We have amazing artists here in Arizona.
highfalutin current [deleted] 6 years ago
I also started in my late 30s with the plan of ending up with a munewari style bodysuit. I'm about 25% there, plenty of work to go yet!
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