bluebuffalo 4:23pm, 4 June 2005
I have been getting inked for 4 yrs. now. And I cannot understand what keeps bringing me back. There is pain involved. Sometimes lots of pain. Why do people keep voluntarily bringing pain to themselves like this?
i dunno. i'm dying to get another. low on ca$h... maybe i shoud whip out the Capital One Visa. it wasn't as painful as i had imagined... though there definitely was pain. took almost 2 hours. after the first 30 min. the vibrations of the needle actually started to feel good to me. hah. as for what causes the relentless desire to get more... that is something i cannot explain...
Shade McVay 13 years ago
It's the endorphins rush. Pain causes your brain to release the endorphins and voila: best drug on earth, and you're hooked.

This might sound ridiculous, but a friend of mine and I have an addiction to hot sauce as well. We figured out that it's the same thing. We both call spicy foods our "mood foods". If I am blue, which is most of the winter, I eat the hottest Mexican food I can find. It releases endorphins too.

Same with people who like to be spanked.

er... not that I know anything about THAT, or anything...
good canary 11 years ago
I'm not addicted to the pain, I'm addicted to the art.
Bebop Bon 11 years ago
It's something spiritual, while having work done, it's like time stops and you realize that you are alive. The pain helps me forget...
hypersapiens PRO 10 years ago
As types of pain go it's fairly low level... maybe I just have a high threshold... but I don't mind sitting for hours upon hours of ink when I compare it to, oh let's say... dental work!
laadyink 10 years ago
I find I get more tats when I am stressed, it seems to help the stress go away. Maybe it gives me something else to think about and when the endorphins cut in well, I'm in heaven.
Andy McLeod PRO 9 years ago
agree with ATX512. I HATE getting tattooed but I love the art. I also appreciate and respect the craft. it's one of the few artistic endeavors that still require an apprenticeship to study under a master.
bored sleet [deleted] 9 years ago
Cant say for anybody else but I love the Ink
Gurthyfish 8 years ago
You have to go through the pain to get the tattoo...its all part of the experience.I would feel cheated if I just woke up with a beautiful tattoo, or put under a general anaethetic..The pain is the means to an end and boy are the endorphins addictive!!!
VooDooOne 8 years ago
I agree with Gurthyfish! It's all part of the process.
gaytattooed 3 years ago
in my case it was almost sexual getting tattooed, so you just put up with the pain to get the end result.
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