b.a.s1.2.3 3:41pm, 7 July 2011
I as a 100% straight guy have always loved wearing ladies panties and stockings, it was just something I done when I was a teenager at first, and now about 10 years later have started again with encouragement from my wife but mostly it's for some spice in the bedroom. However I suffer from a skin condition on my legs, lower back and lately around my backside and privates and before some of you start thinking STDs etc no it's a form of dry skin which leads to open sores and spots etc. To cut a long story short my wife yesterday bought me some black 100% cotton women's briefs as she said they would be softer and more comfortable than my usual nylon boxers. At work today wearing them and I can tell you she was right the only problem now is how horny I am!!!
verysexywife420 7 years ago
I am 100% straight also, and we recently started doing
the same. It is very fun and adds alot of spice in the bedroom.
fields70 [deleted] 7 years ago
love to wear other girlfriends /wifes panties,stockings
manuelaperez1970 7 years ago
msomfy 7 years ago
My wife knows how much i love to wear lingerie and has gone shopping with me many times I wear panties 24/7 well this week she bought me what she thinks is my first dress Slowly i will be able to be fully dressed with her soon i hope step by step but one of her best girlfriends had caugh me going through her panty drawer while moveing around her bed room she saw how how i was feeling them and looking at them and said you must just love to slip them on i told her yes i had a huge lingerie fetish so she let me had the pr i had in my hands since then she has supplied me some of hers but had to give back she loaded them to me lol some nicely scented well she often buys or loads me items to wear when ever she comes over to the house she always trys to ask to see what i have on looking at the back of jean or slacks so far I would love to be able to just drop slacks and model them fo rher but it ar from there at this time....
sondraf69 7 years ago
this could be the start to a wonderful experience for you and her. good luck
mmandy31 7 years ago
my wife told me the other night that i had a femine side to me and she had me put on pair of her panties and she loved it.
only if she knew that i love them and been wearing them for 20 yrs
chubbycd2000 [deleted] 7 years ago
Went shopping with my wife last week at Frederick's. She was buying some new panties that were on sale 6 for $25. She grabbed 5 pair of mediums for her and a pair of sexy black lace ones in XL for me. While checking out the salesgirl said to her, " Oh you must have grabbed these by mistake, they're a XL." My wife said "no, I meant to buy those too. The salesgirl smiled at me and said "Oh", and then wrapped them all up. I became instantly hard, wish I could have shown her me wearing them
elainemcrawford 7 years ago
I had a very bad experience in a Frederick's in San Antonio in 1992. My ex basically did the same thing but the immature girls checking us out were very rude and making jokes. We complained to their management to no avail. I am glad that things seem to be better today!
cjsmax 7 years ago
I wear panties on a daily. I order from Victorias secret and no dealing with store people. It is there loss, if I felt comfortable in a store i would probably buy alot more.
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