jonSpitzer 1:34pm, 4 December 2009
im looking to get some new light(i currently use 2 SB800s) i was wondering what everyone else uses and if anyone has any recommendations or anything i should stay away from

Leo Barreto 9 years ago
hey jon, u could sell me your sb 800s.... i'm looking for new flashes, as I got robbed one of these days... :( :) pm me!
shakesbeere 9 years ago
Why do you need new light?
jonSpitzer 9 years ago
Im not trying to get replace my 800s but im trying to add new lights to my whole setup
shakesbeere 9 years ago
ahh, something cheap and basic like the 285 hv's are a good choice. Then again I don't really know anything, that's just what I'm using.
Ruspix 8 years ago
Get a Quantum Q-flash 400watts
Leo Barreto Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Leo Barreto (admin) 8 years ago
or sb900s are a sick option nowadays.. compact superpowerful digital flashes are good always good options, instead of big flashes, that need big stands, and big bags just for them... but it depends if you're shooting 20 stairs at night on tele for a magazine cover or smaller stuff..
i must say im making a article full of big spots on it using only my digital flashes and some compact light stands... it all fits in my bag, and in my back..just a lilttle heavy but for skating around those european cities its just great...
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