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Leo Barreto is a group administrator Leo Barreto says:

Well, the group has like 60 members, its a large number, considering the type of photographers that we want and have here!
I know all of you just from your work on the flickr network, but no more than this... So it would be nice to know a bit more off you all...
Your names, ages, where do you live, time shooting skateboarding, magazines you work at, equipment you have and more...
Sounds lame, but thats how we can improve our communication here!

My name is Leonardo, I live in Belem-PA, extreme north of Brazil. I live in the Amazonia rainforest region, lots of green, rivers and wet weather!
I am 20 years old, I study publicity and advertsiment, been shooting skateboard for like two or more years, I have some stuff published on the SKT mag, a brazilian magazine, its sold on Europe too (Portugal I guess). Last stuff on SKT was an interview with me as the Evidence Photographer.. Hope more stuff of mine gets published...


I'm working with my old and trusty Nikon D70s (looking for a body upgrade), my beloveds 10.5mm and 50mm, Nikon's SB-28, SB-80DX and a Sigma EF-530. Skyports for triggering. Some film Pentax cameras, but I dont use them too often.. Still mastering the digital world.. Just bought a black Macbook, now in love with the bitten apple..

What about you?

Entao galera, a comunidade ja tem 60 membros em media, muitos sao brasileiros, entao vamos nos apresentar, nome, idade, cidade, tempo de fotografia e de skate etc... Assim a gente pode se conhecer melhor e fortalecer a firma..!

Galera sou Leonardo Barreto, tenho 19 anos, estudo publicidade e propaganda, moro em Belem-PA, regiao Amazonica.. Fotografo skate a uns 3 anos,e meu primeiro contato com o carrinho foi em meados de 1999, quase 10 anos eheheh.... Tenho algumas fotinhos publicadas em algumas revistas, a ultima foi uma entrevista na SKT, sessao de fotografia... Espero que ainda venham muito mais oportunidades de mostrar minha arte...

É isso, e voces?
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BenKphoto says:

Thanks for the invite Leo.

My name is Ben Kilpatrick, I am a photographer from Tallahassee FL.
I have been shooting skateboarding for a about a year. But I have been shooting with a DSLR for a little over 2. I have had a photo published in Thrasher, and I have a spread I'm doing for FTK skate mag coming up here soon. FTK used to be a zine, but now it's has pro ads etc.... and is all up the east coast. It's starting to get fairly big. Anyways I shoot Canon, and am starting to get into film. I would love to own a Bronica SQ-A, but will see where the money goes once the funds arrive. : )
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asmith photography says:

Hey, my name is Aaron Smith and here's my info...

Name: Aaron Smith (asmith)

Location: Originally from Kansas City, now I live in Atlanta, GA

Years Shooting: I picked up my first camera in 2005. I started shooting skateboarding about a year later. So it's been around 3 years.

Equipment: Canon 5D with a 24-105L F4 lens and a 15mm fisheye, Nikon D2H with a 10mm fisheye, 50mm, and a 55-200 lens, Hasselblad 501c with a 80mm F2.8 lens, 3 Sunpak 622 flashes, 1 Nikon SB 800 flash, and an assortment of pocket wizards, cords, and other kinds of camera.

School: I am a photography major at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Still have about a year left.

Published Mags: FTK, Focus, Stuck, Automatic, Slap, Skateboarder, and Transworld.

Companies I've done work for: 8103 Clothing, Origin Trucks, Given Skateboards, Analog Clothing, DLX, and Etnies.

Other info: I interned at Transworld this past summer for 5 months. It was amazing! Meet a lot of great people and made a lot of good contacts!
I mainly shoot digital now because of how quick it is. I love film and still shoot it a lot. But now that I have a good digital camera it's been harder to get my self to go buy film, pay for processing, and spend time scanning ha.
I like Canon better than Nikon. The Nikon I have was given to me by some act of God. So I'll use it for sure but Canon still takes the cake.
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christian_raae says:


My name is Christian Raae and I'm 27 years old.
I currently live in Oslo, Norway, but I'm originally from south of Sweden.

I study Advertisement and branding. On my spare time I try to shoot as much as possible and travel.

In my camera bags is a Hasselblad 503 CWD (a good deal I got in Atlanta when the us currency was really low), 80mm cfe, 150 cf, 350 cf, Canon 5d, Sigma 24-70 2.8, Canon 15mm, 2 600w/s battery lamps, 2 Nikon sb 28, working on a MAC (just converted, should be a religion) and a eizo.

Regular clients: Swag skate board chain, DC Norway, Analog Norway, Playboard skate magazine, Transition skate magazine, Ezekiel Norway, etc.

I've been shooting for 8 years.
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Andrés Navarro García says:

My name is Andres Navarro Garcia (ang) 22 years old. I live in Santiago, Chile, I study Architecture. I been skating from about '99 and shoting from 2-3 years ago. I started in photography most for skateboarding shots

Gear... NIkon D50 with AF18-55 kits lens, AF 70-210, and 50 f/1.4, some manuals flashes, ebay radio triggers, but most time I use cable for triggering and optical slaves, and others accesories. like tripods and other stuff
Also have a Nikon FG for shoting with film, but the cost stops me.

I work freelance, most pictures are for "La Tabla" magazine, also "Demolicion" magazine. Also, permanent colaboration in www.skateboardchile.com a project from a friend, and litles sporadic colaborations in others medias, like "Slide" a magazine from Perú.

Recently, I started a magazine called "AM Skate", now it's like a web fanzine, but I'am working to create a professional, printed magazine.

check it at www.amskate.cl
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Acousiks says:

This group looks really cool, so. I'm 17 and I just started doing photography a few months ago (I've been a Filmer for about 2 years). I get to borrow a Canon Rebel from school. I usually use 18-55 and 70-300 lenses.

I'm not that great, hopefully I'm decent enough to the group and can contribute something in the future.

I also produce drum and bass and other styles of music..have been making music for about 4 years.
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Leo Barreto is a group administrator Leo Barreto says:

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shiny control [deleted] says:

Hi folks, I am Steve. I live on the coast in South Carolina USA.

I have been shooting skate photos seriously for about 2 years.

I am just about 40 years old. I am married with two boys and I run a small sign company.

I shoot with a Nikon D80, Sigma 10-20 and the Nikkor 10.5 fish, various flashes, cybersyncs, etc...

I've been skating on and off for about 25 years.

I'm fortunate that I live very close to the skateboard bowls that you see in my photos.
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keen attraction [deleted] says:

Hi mates, Maxime, 21, currently living in France, but I'll probably move soon in Belgium (Brussel).

I study photography, and started shooting 3 years ago. (1 year 1/2 for skate shot)

My gear is composed of a Nikon D80 (soon a D300) with a 18-135mm and a 10-17mm Tokina fisheye, a Nikon FE (love it) with a 50mm and a 28mm, a Holga, 3 flashes, elinchrom skyport, and a lot of other little shit.
I'm looking to buy a Bronica SQ, square format looks amazing to me, for portrait and action shot.

Been skating for about 5 years now.
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Chad Santos says:

Chad Santos, 23 anos, 3 anos em foto (skate,fashion,macro), terminei a minha carreira em comunicação(comunication or journalism),a cidade onde eu moro chama-se cidade do Mexico,tenho fotos skate em Gorila Magazine,UrbeSkate Mag, Chakota Mag e Ollie Mag...também escrevo.
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eff-vee-ess says:


My name is Uler, I'm 22, I reside in Arizona, USA.

I have been shooting for almost 2 years. I like to shoot a bit of everything but I really enjoy skateboarding. I shoot with a nikon d40x ;(. I have two off camera flashes(nikon sb-24 and minolta 4000 and some ebay triggers.

The first camera I picked up was a 35mm in high school(2005). Didn't pick up a camera until three years later in '08 and bought my first camera which is still the camera I use most today. Nikon D40x.

Recently I purchased a Canon AE-1 and have fallen in love with film again. I've taken a 2 courses on digital photography and currently taking a 35mm class.
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jonSpitzer says:

im jon
live in fort lauderdale florida

ive been shooting for about 5 years and skateboarding for about 2 or 3
i have a nikon d300 with an 18-200 and a tokina 10-17. i also use a bronica ETR. for flashes i got 2 sb800s and a few pocket wizards

im currently taking photography at my highschool and i hope to go on and study it in college
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matt patterson photography says:

My name is Matt I just moved to NYC from CA. I have been skating for 20 plus years. I borrowed my grandpas AE-1 a long time ago. I shot with that camera for ten years and loved it. I went to high school with Morford, I remember watching him shoot photos where he would be like a foot away from the skater. I tried to emulate this and always cut the skater is half or even a third. It took me forever to figure out he was using a fisheye. I guess my point is that there is so much info out there about shooting skate photos the progression level is incredibly fast.
I shoot film with a Canon 1n
Sunpak 555
Quantum q flash
I just scored a Hasselblad for $600

in the end gear means very little....it's who ya know.
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Leo Barreto is a group administrator Leo Barreto says:

ye man, sick tricks can make sick photos too.. :)
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piquant exchange [deleted] says:

hey, mi name is Nicolas Delvalle, im from miami but i grew up in Colombia !! i been skating for 15 years now! i got into photography a year ago! i mostly shoot skateboarding but im starting to like shooting other things !
i shoot with a canon xsi,
18-55mm lens
canon 220 ex flash !
no wireless gadgets, saving to get a wireless trigger !

ill apriciate if u guys critizise my photos !!!
thanks !
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Michael Ford 37 says:

My name is Michael Ford
I am 19 currently living in Atlanta, GA but about to move to Raleigh, NC
I have been shooting Skateboarding for about 3 years come June,

I have no publications yet that I am aware of hopefully that will change soon

My setup is a Canon 20d, I have 2 flashes both Vivitar 285 hvs, l have a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, sigma telephoto lens 70-300mm, and a canon wide angle lens 18-55mm

I have not shot for any companies yet either just tnt skatepartk and a local brand in NC called Simplistix Skateboards
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Casey Haley says:

My name is Casey Haley
I'm 36 years old and I live in Rochester NY.
I am married with three kids and I have been skateboarding for over 20 years. I got into shooting photos about ten years ago when my dad gave me a canon AE-1. I shot film with crappy equipment for a long time because I never had the cash to invest. A few years back I picked up the June 2005 issue of transworld where Scott Pommier tells you "everything you ever wanted to know about skateboard photography." I followed his buyers guide for affordable alternatives and got a Nikon FM2. I use the FM2 with a zenitar fisheye and I started using a Nikon D40 last year. So I guess I still shoot with crappy equipment but I'm happy with the results. The digi has helped me become more consistent with lighting etc. and I am lucky to have a steady supply of really good local subjects.
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cluttered act [deleted] says:


My name is Nicholas,
I live in Greece, Athens.
Been shooting skateboarding for two years.
Currently studying Photography and Audiovisual Arts in Athens Educational institution.
I ve just started publishing my work in Extreme Experts,
a magazine in Greece.
I mainly shoot digital now with my beloved Nikon D700 and 50mm Ai-s lens, Sb80dx, Sb25, Metz Ct1 my previous equipment was stolen so had to buy from scratch, hoping to add more soon.

Check out my work I enjoy having the occasional ol' critique!

All the best to you,
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D. Roger Ferreira says:

Dalmo Roger,

Brazil - Vitória/BH/RJ/SP never in the same town!

Work as a videomaker and I normally do some images just for fun...

I just finish a skateboard video called Suprasubstancial with a lots of my

friend from all over the countrie.

It's on vimeo and a lots of skateboard portals.

DVD is free for dload.

Just send an email dalmoroger@gmail.com

I will appreciate if u guys criticise my things...

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elireskow says:

Hi my name is Eli Reskow,
Im 19 I live in Jensen Beach Florida, and I have been skateboarding for 13 years, and have been shooting for about 4 years.
I shoot with a Canon 30d with a BG-E2n Grip and Lenses like a sigma 17-35mm f/2.8-4, 50mm f/1.8, 70-200mm, etc...
Any criticism would be awesome
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vigorous point [deleted] says:

Hey my name is Kay Adams,
I'm 21 and live in Bamberg, Germany and started skateboarding when i was 12 and taking pictures when I was 17.

I currently use a canon 450d but I'm saving money for a 7d.

I made my own page a couple of days ago and would appreciate any form of criticism.
Or if you don't feel like leaving coments, just drop by and take a look at my work, or post my page somewhere or subscribe, add or do whatever you want.

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Lawrence Odum says:

What's up everyone,

My name is Lawrence Odum and I am from Orlando Florida but I just recently moved to Jacksonville to attend the University of North Florida. I have been shooting photos for 6 years and started skating around the same time.

I currently shoot with my Canon AE-1 with a 50mm lens, a Mamiya Sekor with a 50mm lens, LC-A, Polaroid Land Camera, and a Yashica 124-G. I love the look a texture of film and I think I will always shoot with it.

I really enjoy taking skate lifestyle photos. It's an interesting look at the "behind the scenes" of what skateboarding is all about. We usually see someone trying a trick but what about after they've spent an hour or more trying, finally landing, and then is laid out on the ground feeling spent but fulfilled. Those are the images I like to catch.
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Trevor Deslippe says:

Hey everyone!

Im Trevor Deslippe and am from Tecumseh (Windsor) Ontario Canada, Im currently attending High school and have been shooting for a couple of years.

I mostly shoot with a canon t2i, 18-55mm Kit lens, 50mm f/1.8 and the rokinon 8mm fisheye. I have two flashes, a canon 430 exii and a vivitar 285 both triggered by cowboystudio's NPT-04.

From time to time i shoot film, i have a Ricoh KR-10, and a wide range of prime lenses. My favourite film is kodak ektar 100 because of its super smooth grain.
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eddiethink says:

Hi all,

I am Eddie Think from Amsterdam the Netherlands. I am currently working as a process manager for the main parcel service here in the Netherlands.

I have been shooting for 3,5 years now, and still love to do so as much as possible.

I am using a Nikon D300s with grip, 2 sb-28's, a metz45ct1 flash. Cactus v5 as triggers, and mainly a 50mm 1,4 nikon lens and the samyang 8mm for fisheye.

Lately I have been focusing more on the "great"photo then on the "great" trick although both can be rewarding of course.
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defeated society [deleted] says:

My name is phil I've been shooting seriously since i was about 13 but started shooting skating later on in life once Injuries started to add up i began to film and shoot that was about 3 year ago. I used to have a nex i used but eventually stepped up my set up to 60d with the standard 8mm rokinon and a variety of older glass. It is rewarding when the skater is happy with the picture or footy of them one of the best feelings.
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