YouAmI 6:11pm, 6 December 2005
What do you out there think has been there best song ever? Or make a ranking of your favourite top5 or top10 by Queen.
aback account [deleted] 12 years ago
Is just so, so, so hard to choose one... :P

I think that Queen wasn't a grupo of a "best song is this..." Is just impossible to choose one... ^^!!! The question would be "is there any bad song of Quenn?"

Anyway, I'll say my favourites...

Seaside Randezvouz; Good Old Fashioned LoverBoy; Killer Queen; Love of my Life and Save me.

There are so many :)

aback account [deleted] 12 years ago
I think the best Queen's songs are Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You and We are the Champions, not only because i love these songs (as much as others), but they're known all over the world and you don't have to be a Queen fan to know these songs, especially WWRY and WATC.
aback account [deleted] 12 years ago
It's really hard to make a top 10, even top 20 (at least for me). so i think that it would be great to make topics about every album of Queen, but with "Queen" i mean albums from 1973 to 1991(except Greatest Hits albums and Live albums). So what do you think about that. It would be more easily to choose songs that you like. so what do you think about that?

guys let's liven up. this group is almost dead.
palko72 12 years ago
Bohemian Rhapsody is still the best one for me, after so many years. But The March Of The Black Queen is quite near. And yes, they have too many amazing songs, it's not easy to pick just one.
Yugenie 11 years ago
"Don't Stop Me Now" but you're all right, whenever I listen to one I love THAT one the best!
I Blake 11 years ago
I do love Innuendo but No-one But You, These Are The Days Of Our Lives and The Miracle are all so poignant . . . I CAN'T CHOOSE!!
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
I don't like The Miracle, probably because the video clip. Better they would keep shots from concerts because this one really destroys my imagination about the song :PPP I know you will probably lynch me now, but that's what I think :DD
mcfcchris 11 years ago
I hated the video to The Miracle but that was largely down to jealousy as I was of a similar age to the kids!

Top 5, in no order....Hammer to Fall (Live), Teo Torriatte, Days of our Lives, Don't Stop Me Now, Fat Bottomed Girls...But it'll all be different in a few weeks, I'm sure.....
kinky de beer 11 years ago
stone cold crazy
dont stop me now
Somebody to love
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
March of the Black Queen, Crazy Little Thing, Now I'm Here, Spread Your Wings, Don't Stop Me Now, Brighton Rock, In The Lap of the many more!
Richard & Jo 11 years ago
A vote for "Ride The Wild Wind" 11 years ago
the show must go on ( )
i want it all ( )
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
Made in heaven, I'm going slightly mad and A Winters Tale.
patricia_martinez9 11 years ago
Freddie mercury
davidtaylor1960 11 years ago
Well for me..Somebody to love.. it is all about your mood at the time!!
dickyhart 11 years ago
always had a soft spot for "its late"
Mr_LeroyBrown 10 years ago
Bo Rap
We Will Rock You
Spread Your Wings
Another One Bites The Dust
These Are The Day Of Our Lifes
Brighton Rock
Killer Queen
Somebody TO Love
Made In Heaven
Fat Bottomed Girls
tempoandato 10 years ago
it's so so hard, every song is so beautiful but my favourite one is
Teo Torriatte ( divine)
reneeisxena 10 years ago
I totally agree that it's very hard to pick one. My favorites are: Bo Rap, Don't Stop Me Now, Killer Queen, Somebody To Love, Crazy Little Thing called Love, Under Pressure, and every song they did. Sorry but I really do love them all.
Valentina JH 10 years ago


innuendo, these are the days of our lives, love of my life, under pressure
ilovemariobros 10 years ago
I think almost ALL of Queen's songs are great!
but my fave for now is :
- Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
- Bohemian Rhapsody
- Melancholy Blues
- Save Me

but still it's kinda hard to choose between those great songs!
queenartist 10 years ago
So many, but I'd have to say
Ogre Battle
AS MYSELF 9 years ago
I like all songs of Queen. But my favourite are:

- Who want's to live forever
- Bohemian Rhapsody.
- Hammer to fall
- Made in heaven.
- No one but you.
Cult of VHS 9 years ago
in no certain order i have to say,

stone cold crazy
we will rock you
great king rat
brighton rock
cool cat

seriously how do you chose, the other problem is, is that this time next week my faves will change!
Amelis Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Amelis (member) 9 years ago
Somebody to love.
Killer Queen
you're my best friend
It's late
Radio gaga
Good old fashioned lover boy
Anna Riboldi PRO 9 years ago
Many ones but just to say one: Teo Torriatte (really great!).
aback account [deleted] 9 years ago
psychead92 9 years ago
My favorite is Killer Queen but their best one is probably Bohemian Rhapsody. Love it!

*Big Queen fan*
Inuendo and we will rock you.
CafeinaSur 8 years ago
My favorite is "The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke"
ameliebrochant 8 years ago
the best song....THE SHOW MUST GO ON
Je l'aime... je pense que c'est la meilleure chanson de Queen
LA LALA LA Posted 8 years ago. Edited by LA LALA LA (member) 8 years ago
Ohh so hard to choose!
Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy, Somebody To Love, Love of My Life, I Want To Break Free, It's a Hard Life, Headlong, and Seaside Rendezvous are my favorites... but they are all so good!
the march of the black queen, white queen, it's late, the millionaire waltz, mustapha, mother love, was it all worth it, bijou, back chat, gimme the prize, need your loving tonight, jealousy... imposible to choose only five or ten
Arq. Andres Espinosa Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Arq. Andres Espinosa (member) 8 years ago
all songs are perfect ..but radio ga ga is special .. for me may be a subtle way of criticizing the garbage music today
MorgyGriff 8 years ago
My top 5 are:
Someday Oneday
Love of my life

I prefer songs that aren't the hugely popular and most wellknown ones, I prefer ones that don't get chosen for something like "Greatest Hits" ect. :)
Bi Polar Express Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Bi Polar Express (member) 7 years ago
For me personally, not in any order are my favorite Queen songs, Bohemian Rhapsody, These are the Days of our Lives, Crazy Little Things Called Love, Seven Seas of Rhye, Death on Two Legs, My Baby Does Me, Innuendo, Mother Love, Radio Ga Ga, See What a Fool I've Been and Heaven for Everyone.
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