.Tromas [deleted] 4:35pm, 12 June 2013
TRIBUTE NNENN - Starfighters Build Challenge 10 - JULY 2013 by .Tromas

Without doubt nnenn is probably the most influential builder ever to have graced the interwebs. Sadly it has been just over 3 years since he passed away. Despite the fact that he is no longer with us, his work remains and continues to inspire new builders to this day. So we in the Starfighters Group wish to pay tribute with our 10th monthly build challenge...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select any of nnenn's countless starfighers and build a tribute fighter based on the design. Whether you want to build a copy with a fresh paint job or a redux with your own personal twist is entirely up to you.

Rules will be simple:
-Running July 2013
-Build a tribute fighter based on/inspired by one of nnenn's models
-Post a link to the source fighter in your description
-Of course, cut, modified, and clone parts of all shapes and sizes are acceptable, if not encouraged
-Don't be afraid to use colour...nnenn certainly never was!
-As always we will allow renders, but I strongly encourage you to build with actual bricks for this challenge

Post a single image to our submission thread, and Pascal has graciously volunteered to once again create a fighter map of all the submissions.
.Tromas [deleted] 4 years ago
Just getting some promotion going on this one...please continue to build Thunder Force fighters for the remainder of June :)
pasukaru76 PRO 4 years ago
Just for additional inspiration, here are some Shannon Ocean variations of nnenn designs.

INCOM T-32 dual-cockpit trainer, Rebel Alliance by Shannon Ocean

Majukin "Tarantula" starfighter by Shannon Ocean

 by Shannon Ocean
.Tromas [deleted] 4 years ago
^ Thanks buddy. I actually meant to link to those.
IronBricks 4 years ago
Now I can do these easier than Thunder Force. I've already done a couple nnenn - inspired builds, even if they're horrible. : P
Jake RF 4 years ago
The best part of this challenge... I get to take another pass through nnenn's photostream. I'm thinking something asymetric.
Uspez 4 years ago

Yeah! Shannon's series of these was off the charts!
.Tromas [deleted] 4 years ago
Alright boys & girls...wrap up those Thunder Force Fighters and get building nnenn style!
Aaron (-_-) 4 years ago
So where are the links to nnenns originals as inspiration in the submission thread. Not trying to nit pick or micro manage but any excuse to look at nnenns stuff is a good thing.
b::m 4 years ago
Aaron (-_-): oh. I interpreted it that we were meant to put the link in the description of the photo, not in the submission thread, but yeah, the more the better! I'll go add it now.
Aaron (-_-) 4 years ago

Yay instant gratification! Fantastic tribute BTW.
pasukaru76 PRO 4 years ago
nnenn Tributes Poster by pasukaru76
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