.Tromas PRO 4:10pm, 6 June 2012
Post a single shot of your entries here.

When: June 1, 2012 - August 1, 2012
Where: Here
Why: Because I apparently suck at it, and it will be fun
-Build a starfighter that looks like it could actually exist today. Put as much thought into the science behind it as possible. I am picturing Space Race era stylin' (think Gemini, Soyuz, Apollo aesthetics). But that is just me what you picture when you think of what real space fighters will look like.
-As per Peter's Suggestion:
"The job of the space fighter is to deliver a tactical nuclear warhead (40-100kT yield). The warhead sits behind a DU or tungsten penetrator and is fired by a simple solid rocket motor. Such a weapon would be useful for destroying or crippling Apollo-era capital ships, space stations, or surface installations. The reason for fighters, then, is that they approach with a stealthier signature, thus avoiding capital-class weaponry, swarm the target in the hopes that one or more of the warheads hits its target, then attempt to escape using their remaining fuel."
Therefore give them all equipment/weaponry that they will need to get in, deliver their payload and then get out...all the while defending themselves from enemy fighters and defences.
-Two submissions per person (posted to contest entry thread in the Starfighters Group)
-If you do build two fighters, they have to be designed to operate differently. For example if your first entry is designed as an interceptor to be launched from a planets surface, then your second entry must be designed for strictly space operations (station or carrier based). And vice versa.
-Anything goes as far as modifying/custom/clone parts (but is has to be made of actual bricks, sorry no rendered submissions)
1st: 60 Euro Bricklink Coupon, bragging rights and a trophy that I will build
2nd: 30 Euro Bricklink Coupon, and slightly less bragging rights than 1st place
3rd: 15 Euro Bricklink Coupon, and hardly any bragging rights at all
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago

Lets get this party started!

NASA Andromeda Fighter
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago

And here we go! SPACE!

Space Shootle - Title1 by Jayfourke
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago
Brick Basher's:

Lego USSF F/A-118 Cobra

Here's my entry!
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago

Thanks for the inspiration

Гром лиса by gambort
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago

Yopityer-class experimental fighter by brickmack

A Russian fighter from the mid 21st century, based on Russian space capsule designs (Vostok, Soyuz, etc)
Lego Junkie. PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Lego Junkie. (member) 4 years ago
Soyuz 7K-L3 Space-plane.
Interceptor category.

Soyuz 7K-L3, Space-plane by Lego Junkie.

The cold war, a time of posturing and threats, a moment in history where the world could have changed dramatically.

Experimental space-craft are tested and shot into orbit in a race for the moon and the first lunar landing.
The 7K-L3 was a top secret military space-plane developed and launched in 1968, in an effort to reach the moon one last time before the rapidly advancing american space program could.

Yes, that is a fictional back-story, so don't go crazy on me for being inaccurate.
daved00d 4 years ago

The international market for space fighters is in for a period of tumultuous change. New spacecraft that incorporate ‘fifth-generation’ technology will soon be entering the production phase, and are expected to enter military service in the coming decade.

pasukaru76 PRO 4 years ago
More Russian spacecraft love:

Soyuz / Nuclear Attack Variant by pasukaru76
Hayden, Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Hayden, (member) 4 years ago
Venus Class Transit shuttle by Hayden,

Venus Class Transit shuttle, Designed to carry a Nuclear warhead in a read payload bay, and drop it while in the outer atmosphere.
ted @ndes PRO 4 years ago

Idea is that the main portion of the starfighter would have been built in space, and the cockpit capsules would later attach (and detach to change pilots; tag-team approach to manage prolonged time in space).
nate_decastro PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by nate_decastro (member) 4 years ago
Round 1 in the books.
Soyuz R-a11 MARAUDER
Jasbury1 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Jasbury1 (member) 4 years ago
T-7 Enforcer 2 by Jasbury1

I don't usually compete in contests, but someone recommended I submit my starfighter. It's built for low atmosphere attacks, but can briefly go on small space missions. It uses experimental technology, but nothing to far off. Good luck to everyone in the contest! Thanks!
Jason Corlett 4 years ago
My arm was twisted, so I decided to join in! This is my entry.
Space-Race Era Fighter by Jason Corlett

I'm not sure I got all the science behind it right, but I think the ship turned out pretty well :)
b::m 4 years ago
The Ares III
Ares III by b::m

Thanks for the great contest!
Some amazing entries so far!
halfbeak PRO 4 years ago
Hi, here's my build for the space-launched vehicle for the contest. Please read the dialogue in the main image for an explanation of the er... 'science' behind the concept!

MOONROCK 1 by halfbeak
Jeroen_K 4 years ago
Here's my entry! A completely made up story about this ship can be found in the description of the picture.

MSP-01 Assault Shuttle by Jeroen_K
Shannon Ocean PRO 4 years ago
Grumman C-14 'Tomcat II' Orbital Interceptor by Shannon Ocean
PortaI [deleted] 4 years ago
[] My entry. It's completely plausible:D except the guns...
Plageus 4 years ago
lockheed fighter by Plageus

Oeuf Casse 4 years ago
Throwing my hat in the ring:

Ajax Class Deep-Space Interceptor by Oeuf Casse

Really, really enjoying this contest, both in designing my entry and seeing what other people have come up with.
Shannon Ocean PRO 4 years ago
Second entry:
Boeing C-15 "Strike Eagle" lunar starfighter by Shannon Ocean

Pierre E Fieschi 4 years ago
My entry for this fun contest!

1973 'HERCULES' NUKE PLATFORM by Pierre E Fieschi
Red Spacecat PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Red Spacecat (member) 4 years ago
edward boy 4 years ago
OV-201 (2)
Stefan Schindler 4 years ago
Here's my entry:

Чернобог by Stefan Schindler
LegoLord. 4 years ago
The Iron Archraptor high altitude fighter:

The Iron Archraptor

Respect the Core.
BodieBro 4 years ago
The DG-2 "Unremarkable":
DG-2 "Unremarkable" by BodieBro

It's too boring to be shot down! Instant success!
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago
I won't add it to the group since it isn't technically a fighter...but just biding some time until the interceptors are ready :)

DSS (Defensive Satellite System) Katana by .Tromas
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago
JADA F-SI Daikyū by .Tromas
-Mainman- PRO 4 years ago
Concentrating more on maneuverability than heavy weaponry capacity yielded Project HAVE SHIVER.

Operational field tests are already underway, and yielding promising results.
Proudlove 4 years ago
Starfighter pod by Proudlove
xiei22 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by xiei22 (member) 4 years ago
after long editing pause, i enter this contest with the finished
Eagle Talon
WS-02 Eagle Talon
the oneman Posted 4 years ago. Edited by the oneman (member) 4 years ago
My entry (maybe my first entry -> will see :)
CYCLOPEAN EYE in fight by the oneman
Bricknut 4 years ago
DF-07 "Peregrine" by Bricknut

DF-07 "Peregrine"
Backstory: See the Picture Page
Good Luck All!
NFC Customs Posted 4 years ago. Edited by NFC Customs (member) 4 years ago
My first entry to a contest :) It was alot of fun! It was awesome seeing everyone's designs and different concepts! Description of my vehicle is on the pic and additional pics are on my page.

Skunkworks XF-114 Prototype Fighter/Interceptor
madLEGOman Posted 4 years ago. Edited by madLEGOman (member) 4 years ago
F-217 spaceghost

edward boy 4 years ago
my second entry
MPO Sagitta (4)
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago
Just you wait Jack!

JADA Weapons Development Lab by .Tromas
ѕроок Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ѕроок (member) 4 years ago
Special Delivery • Project Ascension

Project Ascension :)
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago
In reaction to Jack's new description on his ship ;)

***BREAKING NEWS*** by .Tromas
Wiseman_Lego 4 years ago
Here's my entry, the Antares Capsule from Project Have Void

halfbeak PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by halfbeak (member) 4 years ago
Here's my 2nd entry - the terrestrially launched PLAAF Shenyang J-31 Star Tiger. Please see my photostream for loadout shot and other modes. Thx!

Shenyang J-31 Star Tiger by halfbeak
Jimbo Cactaur 4 years ago
Here goes nothing...
ODQ-1 Wraith

The ODQ-1 Wraith hunter/killer drone. It's got moving parts!!
Sputnix_bricks 4 years ago
It's my first go at anything like this, but I was inspired to throw my MOC into the ring.
The Skunkworks NPDS - Nuclear Payload Delivery System
「Ƞicκ C.」 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by 「Ƞicκ C.」 (member) 4 years ago
I will be inevitably crushed, but here goes:

Aeolus X by 「Ƞicκ C.」

Aeolus X - Orbital Defence Coordination System

{Entry 1}
Quantum_Kitten 4 years ago
Project -"Eclipse" is nearly finished!
Atahlus 4 years ago
My two entries!

Orbital Interceptor

Project 'Hunter'
nate_decastro PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by nate_decastro (member) 4 years ago
ESA Starfighter PSYCHE
ESA Starfighter PSYCHE
Named for the character in Greek mythology who subverted the will of her attacker causing him to use his weapon on himself...
pasukaru76 PRO 4 years ago
Here's something for the German space forces:

Buster® 4 years ago
I need to see your License and Registration, please

「Ƞicκ C.」 4 years ago
Entry 2: Solis V

Solis V by 「Ƞicκ C.」
-[STORM]- 4 years ago
First entry: Space Operations
Starfighter by -[STORM]-
-[STORM]- 4 years ago
Second entry: Interceptor

X-5 Hoverfly by -[STORM]-
madLEGOman 4 years ago
in reaction to tromas murdering me
Pandarew 4 years ago
First Entry: Space-based

Soviet буйвол (Bison)

Soviet буйвол (Bison) by Pandarew
xiei22 4 years ago
My second/last entry.
A space-born starfighter: the PILUM
main view
Gilcélio 4 years ago
Lunar Satellite

Lunar Base by Gilcélio
Gilcélio 4 years ago
Apollo 21
Lunar Exploration by Gilcélio
d124124 aka dip 4 years ago
Co60 by d124124 aka dip
oursblancgroschat Posted 4 years ago. Edited by oursblancgroschat (member) 4 years ago
nsm-moc011 : P.A.N. Fighter. by oursblancgroschat

This is for the "Real World Fighter Contest " !
P.A.N. is the acronym for Power to Animal Nation.
The P.A.N. Fighter is the main part of the Protogonos Project hatched by Yeltazig the mutant scallop from Saint-Brieuc (France).
The T-Rex bomb contains a philo-virus secretly elaborated to eradicate the human genome ONLY.
Beware humans, your reign of terror is ending, Yeltazig the fierce scallop is here ! You're doomed.
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago
JADA SI/74B Gōsuto Hantā by .Tromas
Pandarew 4 years ago
XSF-24 by Pandarew

Earth-based, entry 2.
-Mainman- PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by -Mainman- (member) 4 years ago
One more, far smaller entry from me:

The Cerberus-K Lunar Defense Vehicle
brickmack 4 years ago
Epsilon class fighter/bomber

A type of large fighter most commonly used for carrying missiles and destroying large stations. Each could hold up to 10 missiles, and most also had secondary weapons for use against smaller targets. The pilot sat in a small cockpit ball on the side of the fighter.
bloei Posted 4 years ago. Edited by bloei (member) 4 years ago
My entry for this great contest, the International Space Fighter 'Zodiac':

ISF Zodiac

Inspired by all the great entries so far, I had to make one myself.
Credits for the guys who used the transparent garage-roller parts as solar panels before me, I would not had made this ship without those.
Scruffy Mynxbane 4 years ago
It's nowhere near the quality i'm seeing posted here but i finished it and that was my goal so here it is without further adoo-doo...
F404 Chimera on approach by Scruffy Mynxbane
: VolumeX : 4 years ago
Finally made it. Close one.
Here is my entry: ISP -Evo2

Wiseman_Lego 4 years ago
Second and last entry. The Gerbera SSP. Winning the war of elegance.

Gerbera Space Superiority Pod
J Sam 4 years ago
My entry: JQ-9 Hunter USV Prototype

JQ-9 Hunter USV Prototype by J Sam
Tervlon Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Tervlon (member) 4 years ago
HMSS Trident Interdiction Fighter
HMSS Trident by Tervlon
.Legology Posted 4 years ago. Edited by .Legology (member) 4 years ago
Orion entry pictureFINAL copy

The Orion Hunter class Interceptor represents the latest development in military spacecraft. Designed as a constant orbital deterrent during the first moon war, the Orion has two weapons bays which can carry a multitude of ordnance. The Orion also features a gyroscope cockpit and solar 'wings' to harness and conserve energy. An airlock at the rear of the spacecraft allows docking with spacestations for refuelling and rearmament.
ƒernald 4 years ago
Solid Fuel Starfighter by ƒernald
theFujikoma 4 years ago
LEO-NSV (1) by theFujikoma

Hello! New member here! Loved the idea for the contest so I had to jump in!

What I present to you is the LEO-NSV: Low Earth Orbit - Nuclear Strike Vehicle. I based the concept (somewhat loosely) off of Spaceship 1 (the X-Prize winner). Fitted with twin air breathing jet engines on the nacels, and one rocket motor on the central back, it can carry it's payload into a Low Earth Orbit and launch at either space based or earth based targets. A large, variable, wingspan provides plenty of lift for atmospheric flight for before and after weapon deployment!

Mountain_King 4 years ago
SPOOK in Action by Mountain_King

Spook Earth/Moon Orbital Interceptor
: VolumeX : 4 years ago
From were I'm sitting it's still 1 August so looks like my second entry should just about make the cut.

I present the Blue Falco V5
Bluefalco V5
Lego Junkie. PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Lego Junkie. (member) 4 years ago
Legle P-233
Legle P-233 by Lego Junkie.

The skies above the earth are crowded, filled with thousands of privately owned research satellites in this near-future world.
Some of these satellites keep with the laws and regulations, some do not.

Enter the Legle P-233, a Soviet telecommunications satellite armed with two N-1 Thermonuclear rockets.


My very last minute entry to the RWSF contest in the Starfighters group.

Check out my photostream for more pictures!
Si-MOCs PRO 4 years ago
SFS Space Fighter System

The Space Fighter System consists of two primary components - the Jupiter Booster Rocket and a squadron of three Fighters. Built as a earth based fighter squadron after the Orbital War in accordance to the Tomar Accord (full backstory on my stream)
LukeClarenceVan 4 years ago
Dromedary Class Starfighter by LukeClarenceVan

The Dromedary class starfighter is a Canadian starship for destroying space stations, large starfreighters, satellites, and orbital bombardment platforms. It is designed so that a base to launch from is not necessary, thus making it a valuable guerrilla ship. Armed with a nuclear missile and a pair of machine guns, it generally performs hit-and-run strikes then flees hostile starfighters. See photos of helicopter rotors, a parachute, and landing gear along with a description of how the Dromedary would complete a mission at MOCpages.
.TheBricks 4 years ago
ZEUS Combat Shuttle
ZEUS Combat Shuttle by .TheBricks
ZCom WMD Deployment by .TheBricks

A secret project developed by NASA and the US Military as a manned combat shuttle to protect US satellites from foriegn aggressors. The ZEUS Combat Shuttle is equipped with high-powered guided explosives and electromagnetic railguns to defend against both missiles and other spacecraft.


Here's for procrastination! :P
Poppa JB 4 years ago
Just under the wire...
Green Meenie by Poppa JB

The Green Meenie.
Jeffykins 4 years ago

The European Space Agency will soon be releasing a new, cost efficient way of keeping a low-orbit manned presence in space. The whole unit is carried to orbit by an ESA rocket. A nuclear missile is housed in the rear, and the solar panel and engine/comm array detach from the habitation vessel. They re-attach to form a satellite that is left in orbit, while the pilot returns to earth!

Talk about last minute! 11:59 EST here!
Jeffykins 4 years ago
ESA Weaponized Orbiter

^ This is what I meant to do above. Hopefully my misunderstanding of how to embed my image will not work against me
eldeeem 4 years ago
1 by eldeeem
.Tromas PRO 4 years ago
Alright, that's a wrap.

Thanks to all for the participation! Really impressive!!!!!

Stay tuned :-D
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