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zonked record [deleted] 7:01pm, 31 May 2012
Starfighter Contest

I have tried several times now (and failed) to build a starfighter in a realworld kind of aesthetic.

So since I suck at doing it, I thought I would do a quick little contest to see what you all can come up with. This is totally spur of the moment, so will be a very casual, fun contest. Details as follows:

When: June 1, 2012 - August 1, 2012
Where: Starfighters Group
Why: Because I apparently suck at it, and it will be fun
-Build a starfighter that looks like it could actually exist today. Put as much thought into the science behind it as possible. I am picturing Space Race era stylin' (think Gemini, Soyuz, Apollo aesthetics). But that is just me...show me what you picture when you think of what real space fighters will look like.
-As per Peter's Suggestion:
"The job of the space fighter is to deliver a tactical nuclear warhead (40-100kT yield). The warhead sits behind a DU or tungsten penetrator and is fired by a simple solid rocket motor. Such a weapon would be useful for destroying or crippling Apollo-era capital ships, space stations, or surface installations. The reason for fighters, then, is that they approach with a stealthier signature, thus avoiding capital-class weaponry, swarm the target in the hopes that one or more of the warheads hits its target, then attempt to escape using their remaining fuel."
Therefore give them all equipment/weaponry that they will need to get in, deliver their payload and then get out...all the while defending themselves from enemy fighters and defences.
-Two submissions per person (posted to contest entry thread in the Starfighters Group)
-If you do build two fighters, they have to be designed to operate differently. For example if your first entry is designed as an interceptor to be launched from a planets surface, then your second entry must be designed for strictly space operations (station or carrier based). And vice versa.
-Anything goes as far as modifying/custom/clone parts (but it has to be made of actual bricks, sorry no rendered submissions)
1st: 60 Euro Bricklink Coupon, bragging rights and a trophy that I will build
2nd: 30 Euro Bricklink Coupon, and slightly less bragging rights than 1st place
3rd: 15 Euro Bricklink Coupon, and hardly any bragging rights at all

If this gets no entries then you will all have successfully broken my heart!

Stijn (Red Spacecat) has gone above and beyond and was able to get Dutch Bricklink vendor Morebricks to sponsor the contest. Prizes have been updated above. Stijn is going to be doing up a proper contest poster (I guess he thinks my 7 minute MS Paint special isn't good enough ;D). Because this was totally a rush job on my part to get this organized and announced (literally 15 minutes from the time I thought of it, to the time I announced it), we are going to extend the timeframe to 60 days just to give everyone a bit more time to plan, build and enter.

So long story short...YAY STIJN!!!

This is the article that I recently read that got me thinking about this:
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Ice» 6 years ago
Sounds fun! Just to get it straight nothing to futuristic, just something that could be created in todays world?
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
Yeah exactly. Plausible technology only, doesn't necessarily have to be technology that actually exists today (i.e nuclear rockets etc.), but is should at least be on the drawing boards. So if it is theoretical technology, you have to make it plausible in terms of size and design etc.
George Kemper 6 years ago
Looks like this could be fun! I'll try to get an entry in.
FelipeAvelar 6 years ago
Well, I saw the add, joined the group, red the text (nice blog, by the way, great title) and then I bumped into this awesome documentary by History Chanel, in "The Universe" series, featuring "space war" theme, from here to one hundred years.

Check it out! It really unites the blog's texts plus real scientists opinions and also imagetic material, that's always important for us..

zonked record [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by zonked record (member) 6 years ago
^That looks great....will have to check it out when I have more time. Thanks for sharing.

Also, please see update to contest announcement above
Cole Blaq Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Cole Blaq (member) 6 years ago
Wait, you're saying that our imagined future does not become real?

This reminds me very much of the MaK contest, which als included a realistical approach.
Big up Stijn for his encouragement and also Morebicks for their generousity!
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
Sounds cool, gotta do my homework here...
Jannac Fenwal 6 years ago
Ok, I'll give it a shot.
brickmack 6 years ago
Sounds cool, already got my entry almost done, just need to finish up the cockpit and weapons. Basing a lot of it off of Russian stuff. I wont post it for a while though, so as to give myself enough time to perfect it and prevent others from "borrowing" bits of it.
Legohaulic PRO 6 years ago
Lets get this party started!

NASA Andromeda Fighter
Stefan Schindler PRO 6 years ago
Oh yeah, that's a great idea! I've often wondered what a real world military spacecraft would look like.
Jayfourke 6 years ago
And here we go! SPACE!

Space Shootle - Title1 by Jayfourke
scott34567 PRO 6 years ago
Count this guy in! First contest I have been excited about in awhile!
nate_decastro Posted 6 years ago. Edited by nate_decastro (member) 6 years ago
@ :
I checked out that link you posted: that program is on Netflix as well. It had some cool ideas in it--I was LOLing at how much they loved their "Rod From God" animation. They ran that same sequence of it several times:D
Brick Basher 6 years ago
Lego USSF F/A-118 Cobra

Here's my entry!
Bricksbeard Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Bricksbeard (member) 6 years ago
Hi guys! not sure if it's allowed on the contest but I added some new info on the description for my Eva-2 MOC so I can submit her to this contest :D hope this is ok, if not let me know, no prob at all :) cheers for the great idea on the contest!

EVA-2 Galileo Galilei
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
You know I love that ship buddy, but unfortunately it doesn't fit with the contest for one simple reason...it isn't a starfighter. The EVA is far too big to big to be considered a starfighter, cruiser maybe, but a fighter has to be maybe one or two person crew, built for short missions (still reliant on carriers or bases for refuelling etc.) Basically the space equivalent of a fighter jet. Still some brilliant inspiration for the contest though because that is exactly the kind of aesthetic I think of personally.

So please feel free to leave it in this thread for inspiration, but I did remove it from the group pool.

I still love it though :-D
nate_decastro 6 years ago
Term's over in two weeks then it's on like Donkey Tron...
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
Lego Junkie. Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lego Junkie. (member) 6 years ago
Oh man.
Since this bad boy goes till the end of July, I'm in.
Once this month is over, I shall build space again!
: D
xiei22 6 years ago
i really hope to have time to join this! Very tasty idea!!!
...but i didn't understand something: are we supposed to build a starfighter more similar to a Space shuttle or to a Soyuz? Or both is ok?
I mean: for now, Jake and Legohaulic have 2 Shuttle and Brick Basher 1 Soyuz....
zonked record [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by zonked record (member) 6 years ago
Build what you think a real world fighter should look like. Whether that is shuttle or soyuz like is totally up to you. But then again it can also be something totally different, those are just good examples of current real world spacecraft.

I think the key thing is going to be to design your ship around the idea of how it will operate. In both Jake's & Tyler's they are obvioulsy more of an interceptor idea, where they could be quickly launched from the surface. However, Brick Basher's is clearly designed to remain in space, perhaps docked at a station etc.

I am really hoping to see a wide variety of designs put forth. Sure the shuttle and soyuz type craft are what we are used to seeing, but certainly not the only possibilities.

Here are some more spacecraft for inspiration:

But again, these don't have to look like any one particular existing/past spacecraft, simply the overall aesthetic should look realworld. But we never know, the winner might look like nothing we have seen before...
melodic color [deleted] 6 years ago
^ Tromas, what's the name of the plane at the bottom of the list?
zonked record [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by zonked record (member) 6 years ago
It's a MIG-105. I just found it when I Googled 'Russian Space Plane'....I love it, it looks so...well, Russian :)

Here is an artists rendering:
Jeroen_K 6 years ago
I think I will try to enter, but I'm not sure if I can get my idea done before the contest closes. I will certainly try!
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^ you got plenty time now switch off your computer and head for yah bricks LOL! now.
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
Guys please say a big thanks to that awesome POSTER design, I know when I can spot a clean well designed item! Nice1, I feel this contest is professional already!

Let's bring out all our imagination in space!
Now get outta here and press them bricks.
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
I edited the the rules to allow two entries per person...that seemed to be well received w/ the MaK contest. But the catch is, that your second one must operate in a different way. For example if your first was more a shuttle style, then your second has to be designed strictly for space operations, or vice versa. Make sense?
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^Sound good to me, I think we'll be getting a flood of star troopers showing up now... ;)
Jeroen_K 6 years ago
I've now designed my entry (digitally) and ordered the parts I need so I will definitely join the contest. :)
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^ Excellent I look forward to it! ;)
nate_decastro 6 years ago
Two entries?!?! Hells to the yeah. I was hoping for that, considering I had a couple of radically different designs in mind. Now I don't have to choose:)
brickmack 6 years ago
Yopityer-class experimental fighter by brickmack

A Russian fighter from the mid 21st century, based on Russian space capsule designs (Vostok, Soyuz, etc)
-Mainman- PRO 6 years ago
Oh boy, this just opened up a big can of worms in my head. I've been considering pursuing this exact idea for a year or two, but have hardly even bothered sketching until today. I gotta say, from an engineering standpoint, I'm already having loads of fun, as well as making my design way more complicated than I should. This build's gonna be an interesting ride.
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^ this should be very interesting.. I look forward to it!
Tervlon 6 years ago
Can we get an entry only thread? That way we can see the designs without having to plod through the discussion.
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
Good call, forgot to do that...

Consider it done :)
Red Spacecat PRO 6 years ago
^ might be a good idea to include the rules there too, as to avoid confusion.
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
You guys are so smart :P
m_o_n_k_e_y PRO 6 years ago
nice one mr .T, I have so much damn white its good to have a reason to use it!
Wiseman_Lego 6 years ago
I love the idea, I was waiting for a contest like this for years! Thanks!
Quantum_Kitten 6 years ago
might be able todo this in a week or so, any restriction on size?
Con_Arti$t Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Con_Arti$t (member) 6 years ago
^This, I'm kinda strapped for parts right now in this area, so could I build something smaller than minifig scale but larger than micro scale?
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
No, it doesn't have to be minifig scale, but since these are probably going to come down to the details, it just may be easier to do that at a larger scale. So build what ever you feel comfortable with...the more the merrier!!!
xiei22 6 years ago
one more question: the fighter must be able to fit a minifigure? i mean: can be a remote controlled drone?
Ψik' 6 years ago
Could be fun. I'll attempt it...
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
No pilot is needed...unmanned is totally plausible for future starfighters.
pasukaru76 PRO 6 years ago
Just for the heck of it and as inspiration, this is my own previous take on the theme:

SF-137/rc Meteor by pasukaru76

Going to cook up something new for this contest...
gambort PRO 6 years ago
^^ Not just for the future. For the 80s too.

Aaron Boyer 6 years ago
I guess I might have to whip something up for this. I already have something in mind.
Jerac 6 years ago
Can we use custom stickers?
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^Let me step in here and say...... anything goes...
as per info: -Anything goes as far as modifying/custom/clone parts
Jeroen_K 6 years ago
I've now finished one part of my entry. I'm still waiting for a PaB order to arrive and then I'll be able to build the whole thing. :D
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^ Good stuff man, I look forward to what you got! Spread the word to your buds, lets make this one 'mother' of a contest! yeah!
Brick&Builders UNITE in space....
Pierre E Fieschi 6 years ago
This was a lot of fun! Here's my entry!

1973 'HERCULES' NUKE PLATFORM by Pierre E Fieschi
Jeroen_K 6 years ago
^ Nice one! But I think you're supposed to post it in the Entry Thread.
Would it be a good idea to post all entries in both threads? So that they can be viewed and compared easily in the Entry Thread, and people can talk about them here.
Hayden, 6 years ago
Are old builds okay?
.Carl 6 years ago
I may or may not be entering, but either way I thought I'd share some awesome concept art with you guys... might help jumpstart a few ideas :)

ted @ndes PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ted @ndes (member) 6 years ago
... re-reading this group's description, this contest is kind of ironic...

"Please no capital ships, freighters, shuttles, pods, satellites, stations, racers, aircraft, or spaceplanes." ... =^)

... I guess the main point is to make sure they fit the starfighter functionality (in my mind, they can 'dog-fight').
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^ but you've entered anyway! right. ;)
Apojove 6 years ago
Does the fighter have to deliver a nuclear warhead? I can think of several alrenative types of realistic weaponry that could be applicable to the overall goal of the space fighter as stated in the contest description.
Oeuf Casse 6 years ago

I thought this website might be useful to prospective contestants. Lots of information on hypothetical-but-not-impossible engines and weapons, as well as other notes (and equations, for those that feel so inclined) pertaining to 'realistic' spacecraft design.
Plageus 6 years ago
awessome gonna get started on my starfighter!
Apojove 6 years ago
Oeuf Casse, you've just revealed one of the websites I frequent for stuff like this. There goes my advantage. Well, now that everyone knows about it, Oeuf is correct. It is a fantastic site and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know anything about theoretically realistic space travel.
nate_decastro 6 years ago
Here's some alt views of my entry:
Soyuz R-a11 MARAUDER by nate_decastro
Oeuf Casse 6 years ago
Your advantage? But...but...but... that was going to be my secret weapon!
brickmack 6 years ago
Forgot about that site, found it a few months ago when working out the math for a large ship I came up with on a napkin. Somewhere around here I have a LEGO version I made just to figure out the general shape, I should finish and post it if I find it...
Apojove 6 years ago
I now expect to see some great projects from people who use that site.
Plageus 6 years ago
Almost finnished! just need a few more days to Quite finish
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
Great entries rolling in, keep 'em coming lads!
This contest is really bringing out our space adventurer's, and if you hav'nt yet started you still have time, so what you waiting for? Get busy and get 'REAL'.
Wiseman_Lego 6 years ago
A note on asymmetric design: yes, a lot of people like it because it seem more realistic and, after all, since there's no air drag in space it works right?


It's not a matter of air drag, but of center of mass. If you have an unbalanced craft, you have to apply the "push" in line with the barycenter. That may not be right behind the main body of your ship!

Just a suggestion!
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
Hey all,

Fantastic entries so far!! Keep 'em coming!

One thing I want to point out is that the contest is for actual brick built models only (no renders, LDD etc.) I apologize to anyone affected as that rule was not stated perfectly clear at the beginning. However, Stijn and I discussed it and decided it best to update it now.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Jeroen_K Posted 6 years ago. Edited by zonked record (member) 6 years ago
Well, I'm finished! I hope people will like this, and I highly doubt it really competes with any of the amazing entries so far haha.

MSP-01 Assault Shuttle by Jeroen_K
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^You've done well, the detail you've achieved at this scale is super!
You've also set a 'scene' so your entry is tagged with the rest of the amazing entries! ;) Now get busy with your second idea maybe?
Jeroen_K 6 years ago
Once I come up with a second idea I definitely will. ;)
nate_decastro 6 years ago
NASA X-99 RAPIER by nate_decastro
Not sure if I'm going to enter this since I have another MOC waiting in the wings that might be better, but I thought I'd post it here as (possible)inspiration for everyone.
xiei22 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by xiei22 (member) 6 years ago
i'm still building and modifing my starfighters....and just a few minutes ago, i found a news on the newspaper about a "secret" space ship that just land few hours ago... did you know it? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_X-37

it amaze me...only 10m long, and 468 days on space...
maybe we aren't building something too distant in future...

oh, and i'm ready to join... here there's the Eagle Talon
WS - 02  "Eagle talon"
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago

BodieBro 6 years ago
For the prizes, can you transfer them to dollars? Does it matter? Will post my entry anyway, was tons of fun to design!
Red Spacecat PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Red Spacecat (member) 6 years ago
Slightly relevant, our guy in space André Kuipers is returning from period on the ISS. He has a Flickr stream which he updated almost daily. There are some truly beautiful images there, I feel strangely proud we had such a fantastic man in space, keeping us up to date on a very informal and accessable way (even doing guessing games with us...).

Bel in druppel. Nog even spelen met gewichtloosheid.

Go here for some amazing images of our planet and the space program.
-Mainman- PRO 6 years ago
Dang, I've been keeping tabs on ESA's photostream, which occasionally posts some of his photos, but I never knew he had his own stream. Looks like I better schedule myself some time to page through it.
Quantum_Kitten 6 years ago
Nearly finished mine, how do i enter?
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
Justin brought up some very good points in his photo here in regards to the requirement of nuclear armament for these fighter craft. It is obviously too late to change the rules for the contest, but I thought it was still worth discussing other's thoughts on the topic.

In terms of why I thought adding Peter's suggestion to the rules, I just liked the idea of a standardized armament and figured it would be a neat way of seeing how people would design around this differently. Obviously some entries have had the nuke as an integral part of the design, where others could simply just carry one (no different than other types of ordnance). Also as Shannon mentioned in Justin's photo, nukes just kind of seem to be a logical weapon to use in Space given the immense distances...but that is just my completely uneducated annalysis :)

So anyways, just curious as to what others thought. Do you think this was a postive inclusion in the rules, or a hinderance? (Just for future reference on contest rules)
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
Just post a single photo into the Entry Thread :)
Red Spacecat PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Red Spacecat (member) 6 years ago
I think it all boils down to terminology. It it was a fighter-bomber contest, all would be ok. The term 'fighter' suggest a fast, highly maneuverable interceptor type craft. This contrasts with the implementation of the Nuke, which suggest a bomber type craft.

However, as I stated in Mainman's nuke discussion, space warfare is very different from what we know in terms of costs and strategy. Also, No one said a nuke has to be as large as they were in WWII. Nuclear weapons grow smaller and smaller in size, making them available for fighters.
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
I have to agree, Nuke's were very big bad ass but of late the technology has afforded a reduction in size.
pasukaru76 PRO 6 years ago
Actually, without an atmosphere, there is no shockwave or lasting fireball from a nuke... the area of devastation will be smaller. There's an interesting article about nukes in space on one of the websites linked above, I just forgot where exactly it was.
Red Spacecat PRO 6 years ago
Some additional inspiration.
Not strictly a fighter, but you get the idea.

Image 01
Image 02
Image 03
Image 04
Image 05
Image 06
-Mainman- PRO 6 years ago
Ooh, I never knew Cutangus had a DA gallery too. He's got all kinds of fun stuff on his flickr page, and even (very occasionally) does some Lego work.

Never seen those space ones, though. Good stuff.
brickmack 6 years ago
^Saw that on concept ships earlier today. COol stuff.
zonked record [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by zonked record (member) 6 years ago
Yeah, that is some fantastic stuff right there Stijn. Thanks for sharing.

Also, thanks for linking to his flickr stream Don...can't have too much inspiration pop up in my contacts feed :)
nate_decastro Posted 6 years ago. Edited by nate_decastro (member) 6 years ago
ESA Starfighter PSYCHE
ESA Starfighter PSYCHE multi-view by nate_decastro
nate_decastro Posted 6 years ago. Edited by nate_decastro (member) 6 years ago
OK, who knows how to post larger pictures in discussion threads? I just post the URL in brackets like normal, and the pic is measly and small. Who got the answer?
pasukaru76 PRO 6 years ago
^ Click on the "Share" menu above your photo, select "Grab the HTML/BBCode", select your size and copy the HTML code to your post.
nate_decastro 6 years ago
Thanks man! Much better.
-[STORM]- 6 years ago
Just a question, what if my Starfighter has lots of features, can i post a video? And CAN i? Because i already posted my entry, but i don't want to post to many pictures because i only have 10 pictures left on my account.
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
Sorry, I seem to have missed your question. Yes, for sure, a video would be great.
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
Well I am happy to announce that the list of judges has been confirmed:

Stijn (Red Spacecat)
Peter (peterlmorris)
Mike (M.R. Yoder)
Katie (eilonwy77)

Should give a nice cross section of opinions.
nate_decastro Posted 6 years ago. Edited by nate_decastro (member) 6 years ago
Well, I just scoured the entries so-far and I have my personal 3 picks. TR, remember how you said third place was hardly any bragging-rights at all? I'm not sure if that's remotely true anymore. It would be awesome just to get into the top ten of this incredible competition:D
zonked record [deleted] 6 years ago
So true man. I was just doing a quick run down this morning and don't really know where I am even going to begin.
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