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August 1, 2011 - October 1, 2011

The Maschinen Krieger universe has to have some the coolest and most unique sci-fi designs out there. The original designs by Kow Yokoyama have inspired countless fan-made creations. The beauty of the whole aesthetic is the integration of so many different genres, and it is this unique mix of sources that gives the MaK tech such a brilliant look. However, there is one thing that is not overly prominent, and that is starfighters. Therefore my challenge to all of you, is to design a starfighter in the unique MaK aesthetic.

It’s hard to really describe the defining characteristics of Maschinen Krieger, so I will simply link to some of the best sites out there. If you are not familiar with this genre, I HIGHLY recommend that you browse through these sites. I can guarantee that you will be inspired to participate.

The RULES are pretty simple:
1. Make it look like it belongs in the MaK universe
2. Must be a starfighter (same rules as the group: no frigates, corvettes etc.)
3. Must be mini-fig scale. It doesn’t have to have a pilot (a lot the Strahl units are autonomous), but it does have to be to that scale
4. Custom stickers/parts, clones brands etc are all permitted (MaK is after all, all about kit-bashing)
5. Must be a new design
6. 2 entries per person (in case anyone wants to do both a Merc & Strahl unit :)
7. Submit a single photo of the model to the contest thread in the Starfighters Group
8. Contest Timeline is August 1, 2011 to October 1, 2011 (I want to give you all lots of time to get creative)

Brick-A-Thon has generously helped me out with the prize money, so I am happy to say that the amounts are higher than what I was initially planning:
1st Place - $75.00 Bricklink Coupon
2nd Place - $50.00 Bricklink Coupon
3rd Place - $25.00 Bricklink Coupon

All entries will be judged by myself, Peter (peterlmorris) and Tim (gambort). Once the winners have been decided, I will notify Brick-A-Thon and they will apply the coupons to your Bricklink account.

Big thanks to Peter for his insight into the planning with me, to Tim for generously agreeing to help with the judging, to Stijn for designing the brilliant announcement image, and of course HUGE thanks to Tracy and Chris over at Brick-A-Thon for their help with the prizes!!!

**Please post any and all questions in the contest discussion thread.**
gambort PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by gambort (member) 5 years ago
OK. I'm declaring this now:

There will be a "Heart Tile" award given for best use of a LEGO printed part (not stickers). No prize (I'd love to give out a heart tile but I own the grand total of one) just bragging rights.

Please highlight eligibility for this award on your entry. And remember, heart tiles are awesome.

SAFS Heart by gambort
.Tromas PRO 5 years ago
^ Haha, sounds good to me man!! :)
.Tromas PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by .Tromas (admin) 5 years ago

Just wanted to post the fighter that inspired me to organize this contest.

SI-82 Bayonet

SI-82 Bayonet by .Tromas

I am also fully intending on going on a little MaK bender for the duration of the contest. I want to keep posting stuff in the theme to keep you all interested :) Won't all be fighters, but stay tuned nonetheless.
Sydag 5 years ago
Oh, I really wasn't familiar with this universe and must say this is awesome, very inspiring ! I'm not sure I will build something but I wanted to say that is a great idea, I look forward to it.
.Tromas PRO 5 years ago
^ Thanks guy!
Shannon Ocean PRO 5 years ago
Stahl short range starfighter "Snow Owl" by Shannon Ocean
.Tromas PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by .Tromas (admin) 5 years ago

Further inspiration.

The Strahl needed something to combat the Bayonet...

PKR-A Floh

PKR-A Floh by .Tromas
Andrea "Nuke" Massa 5 years ago
Nice contest, i have really short time but i like the MaK background and i try to submit an idea that i have :)
Genghis Don 5 years ago
Nordschwert by Genghis Don
legoalbert 5 years ago
MaK Strahl o.K. Hummel by legoalbert
ted @ndes PRO 5 years ago
Building an entry atm <.<
pasukaru76 PRO 5 years ago
Strahl Skarabäus
MaK Vampir by Mandalore the not so great
ƒernald 5 years ago
MaK  Strahl  "Feuerkugel" by ƒernald
steelbreeze9 5 years ago
Merc starfighter: G. Melas 11 by steelbreeze9
m_o_n_k_e_y PRO 5 years ago
Ma.K 3000_IMA_Ibis
Shamisenfred PRO 5 years ago
A.Sf Meteor by Shamisenfred
CaptainInfinity 5 years ago
Ma.K FNS478A U-1 Vampyre by CaptainInfinity
Legohaulic PRO 5 years ago
Shamisenfred PRO 5 years ago
SternenJäger F0312 ARMBRUST by Shamisenfred
Lego Junkie. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Lego Junkie. (member) 5 years ago
Ma.K Stachelschwein
Ma. K Stachelschwein. by Lego Junkie.

Shoope'd Shot.
Ma.K Shoope'd by Lego Junkie.

Rear view.
Ma. K Stachelschwein, Rear view. by Lego Junkie.
ufozoo 5 years ago
Mak-SK_Schildwanze by ufozoo
Adrian Florea 5 years ago
Wildmaus Ma.k
pasukaru76 PRO 5 years ago
Mercenary Army S-Boat
lego_nabii PRO 5 years ago
01-F217 by lego_nabii
Fredoichi PRO 5 years ago
Ma.K - MH 30 Kraft Falter by Fredoichi
Buster® 5 years ago
legoalbert 5 years ago
I.M.A. Fuchs by legoalbert
imagination DUCK 5 years ago
Ma.k イカ, コウイカ by imagination DUCK
m_o_n_k_e_y PRO 5 years ago
Ma.K 3000_IMA_Cockatoo
ted @ndes PRO 5 years ago
My SAFS/mercenary entry
nate_decastro 5 years ago
Strahl VB-7 "Mondsegel" by nate_decastro
madLEGOman 5 years ago
鉄男 5 years ago
 by 鉄男
nate_decastro Posted 5 years ago. Edited by nate_decastro (member) 5 years ago
Strahl J-60 "Bluthund" by nate_decastro
Shannon Ocean PRO 5 years ago
Mak Strahl Schneeleopard by Shannon Ocean
Si-MOCs PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Si-MOCs (member) 5 years ago
Adult_Boy 5 years ago
Mercenary EWP "SCRAMBLER" / SDR Funkstörer by Adult_Boy

Merc. Electronic Warfare Platform "Scrambler".

Brickshelf when it moderates:
Most of the pics are here on flickr though. Check em.

I might do a Strahl cover-version in dark bluish grey, but don't bother counting it as a second entry as it will be pretty much the same thing.
lego_nabii PRO 5 years ago
01-Instar-Hackfish by lego_nabii
Robiwan_Kenobi 5 years ago
Ma.K Mercenary "Neuntöter"
Ma.K Mercenary "Neuntöter" by Robiwan_Kenobi

One more pic klick here
The_Force_Unbleached 5 years ago
Strahl Firefly by The_Force_Unbleached

More pictures on brickshelf. (when public)
Si-MOCs PRO 5 years ago

View the 360 tour
captainsmog PRO 5 years ago
Ma.K - 08 Fallhammer by captainsmog
Cole Blaq PRO 5 years ago
MaK Geisterjaeger
The Lanterne Rouge 5 years ago
Space Falke
Legohaulic PRO 5 years ago
Ma.K "Schlachten Deutche Namen" aka: "Trident"
~Chrispy~ 5 years ago
Ma.K Schwertfisch by ~Chrispy~
Uspez 5 years ago
MaK - Strahl Weltraumwache by Uspez
Uspez 5 years ago
MaK - Merc Jackrabbit by Uspez
Cole Blaq PRO 5 years ago
MaK Sturmtaucher by Cole Blaq
Andrea "Nuke" Massa 5 years ago
My entry, sorry for the bad quality photo and background.

Starfighter-MaK by Andrea "Nuke" Massa
the oneman 5 years ago
My entry
Erlkönig - Ma.K  a by the oneman
ehan_89 5 years ago
MaK Schlitzohr
ufozoo 5 years ago
MaK_Merc_Blackmoth by ufozoo
Mountain_King 5 years ago
MaK Mercs Dragonfly by Mountain_King
eldeeem 5 years ago
It's a little late I think, but Tromas said I could enter it:
Ma.K Falke by eldeeem
neim343 5 years ago
5 by neim343
Geoffrey Baxter 5 years ago
Name: SBE Wespe Mk I
Faction: SDR
MAK-0 by Geoffrey Baxter

Name: Cropduster Mod V2
Faction: Independents
MAK-15 by Geoffrey Baxter
pasukaru76 PRO 5 years ago
Entries wrap-up:

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