Lost braid T^T

Loki reicht doch 6:25am, 20 June 2013
Yeah, I made it, I lost one of Yotsuba's braids during an adventure >__<

Now I thought I could turn this nightmare into the perfect excuse to simply buy the other Yotsuba too!
I could fix her sun helmet on the old (braidless) hair, and change the other faces with the new ones!

But...are they even removable? ó__Ò
I saw that the heads of the first Yotsuba both have hair *perplex*
But it also looks like there would be a "seam" between bangs and head...

Pls help me U___U
Sasha's Lab PRO 5 years ago
So sad... I have never dared to try removing the hair from the Yotsubas that had the attached hair. I would not risk breaking it and losing another head.

You might have to see if someone is selling an old Yotsuba on eBay to get parts.
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