Dreaming Magpie PRO 5:31pm, 18 April 2009
Hi! I have had my Yotsuba for quite some time and I am finally done with stressing about her top two pig tails falling out. I am thinking about trying some kind of super strength glue to keep them in and just forget about her hat. Lots of the glues in the store talk about what kind of plastics and vinyl will and will not work with that glue... So my question is...

Any one know what kinda plastic she is made of? (her head /pigtails)


Has any one glued in her pigtails with sucess / failure?
Marked_man PRO 9 years ago
you should just get some miniature wax and use a small amount to hold the pigtales in and when you want to remove them you can.
Dreaming Magpie PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Dreaming Magpie (member) 9 years ago
Hum... miniature wax? I guess I was looking for something more permanent but I will have to do some research on the miniature wax first. Thank you Marked Man for your reply.
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